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A comic comissioned by Heros. It's still going in chunks and bits as time allows. This thing will be a monster when finished.
20 submissions
muscles 01 by MichaelHiggs
muscles 02 by MichaelHiggs
muscles 03 by MichaelHiggs
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A series I did a while back, if I had breasts. I already have wider hips than normal for a man and kinda soft, so being a plushy shemale might look good on me.
19 submissions
girly mike again by MichaelHiggs
another girly mike t-shirt by MichaelHiggs
want tits 2 by MichaelHiggs
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A series of images depicting my adventures and challenges at having been shrunk to three feet tall, and trying to do everyday things at my newfound size.
8 submissions
Dream come true! by MichaelHiggs
big and little foxes by MichaelHiggs
smallness! by MichaelHiggs
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A sorta autobiographical/fictional story explaining my fetish with shrinking.
10 submissions
shrink story 1 by MichaelHiggs
shrink story 2 by MichaelHiggs
shrink story 3 by MichaelHiggs
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The unfinished roughs for the Connor Comic. One day I'll get around to inking and possibly coloring this thing for publication! Paypal donations would encourage that. :)
18 submissions
connor 1 by MichaelHiggs
connor 2 by MichaelHiggs
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A fox and his ditzy coyote friend discover a shrinking spell
4 submissions
shrink spell 1 by MichaelHiggs
shrink spell 2 by MichaelHiggs
shrink spell 3 by MichaelHiggs
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