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These were purchased at some value at some period.
143 submissions
Comm Snap: Thou Shalt Not Touch Thy CherryAde by prdarkfox
Comm Sakura Solo: Gun Sniper Zoid by prdarkfox
"Scat Cat" Shadowcat OmniMech by prdarkfox
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The id of my personality. Acts on impulse. Nymphomaniac. Sociopath. Sadist. Have fun, and you've been warned.
143 submissions
"Go Away..." by prdarkfox
Rachel "Sonar" Gates v2.5 by prdarkfox
Wild One by prdarkfox
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Oh, just somebody.
22 submissions
Tyra Reads Things by prdarkfox
Doodle: Tyra, P.I. by prdarkfox
Tyra Disappointed by prdarkfox
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For BattleTech or MechWarrior related fanart.  3235 submissions will be in this folder as well.
103 submissions
Walmart Doodle 20150728 - Marauder BattleMech by prdarkfox
Lunar Landing by prdarkfox
Doodle: LCT-1V Locust BattleMech by prdarkfox
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Your one stop shop for your favorite Mobian princess.
42 submissions
Doodle: Not This Shit Again by prdarkfox
Too Much On The Mind by prdarkfox
Sally Acorn 4 by prdarkfox
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5 submissions
Soon... by prdarkfox
Bring It by prdarkfox
Joshua "Bagman" Brooks by prdarkfox
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A clone of Sally Acorn, she has her memories and little else. With larger assets thanks to genetic engineering and one hell of a mean streak because of it, Candace is a highly conflicted individual.
47 submissions
Long Day At The Office by prdarkfox
Candace Sinclair by prdarkfox
A Lonely New Year's by prdarkfox
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Artwork related to the fan comic series "There's Something About Tails".
45 submissions
Rachel "Sonar" Gates v2.5 by prdarkfox
"Go Away..." by prdarkfox
The Captain Morgan Is My Favorite Pose by prdarkfox
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