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Artwork involving feet, trampling, paws, footwear etc, will be posted here.
44 submissions
[Gifted] So... paws. by SorenBlume
A Conqueror's Feet by SorenBlume
Alex Enjoys Paw Day by SorenBlume
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My best/most noteworthy artwork will be posted here.
80 submissions
KYBELIS: World Map by SorenBlume
A Pagan Moon by SorenBlume
[C] Nova's Rampage by SorenBlume
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Artwork not related to any fetish and without sexual content will be posted here.
47 submissions
[Gift] The Fluffening by SorenBlume
[Gift] Plant derg + food by SorenBlume
Saaxophone by SorenBlume
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9 submissions
Rust by SorenBlume
You Wouldn't Eat a Car by SorenBlume
[Request] Helping a Friend Out by SorenBlume
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Artwork done by other people will be posted here.
17 submissions
[Gifted/Collab] Babysitting is easy! by SorenBlume
[Gifted/Collab] Tribal Soren (Macro) by SorenBlume
[Gifted] Tribal Soren by SorenBlume
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Artwork involving macro, micro, size difference, etc, will be posted here.
56 submissions
Dog Boy FROM HELL by SorenBlume
[Gift] Charley and Leo by SorenBlume
New Housemate by SorenBlume
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Artwork involving muscles, muscular characters, strength, etc will be posted here.
56 submissions
God-Mode Soren by SorenBlume
[Drawover] Shark Guy (Color) by SorenBlume
[Drawover] Shark Guy (B&W) by SorenBlume
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28 submissions
[Request/Collab] Segare, Greninja by SorenBlume
Ryoshi, Solar Crow God by SorenBlume
[Gift] Krigshu, the Gatr by SorenBlume
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Artwork with humans will be posted here (sometimes censored to comply with IB's policy).
2 submissions
Ra's Cattle by SorenBlume
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