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Part 3 in the series. Deirdre is now settled in and with Skaroth having undergone a transformation of maturity its now time to show Draca the results of hir unique effect on both younger siblings.
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MYD #3 - Copyright Page by ChakatDeirdre
MYD #3 - Page 07 by ChakatDeirdre
MYD #3 - Page 28 by ChakatDeirdre
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The series continues with Skaroth now being captured by our hero/villain Chakat Deirdre. Now learn the secrets of MALE dragon milking in this issue of... THE MALE MILKING!
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MYD #2 - Copyright Page by ChakatDeirdre
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Chakat Deirdre finds hirself in a new world able to indulge in several of hir most favorite things: Dragons, Milk, and shenanigans! Follow this comic series to learn more about hir methods!
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MYD #1 - Copyright Page by ChakatDeirdre
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