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My quality time with my beloved SL son
6 submissions
First scene, part one / Primera Escena, primera parte by oscuridad666
Primera Escena Parte 2 / First scene Part 2. by oscuridad666
Scene 1, part 3 / Escena 1, parte 3 by oscuridad666
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Starting a new animation, this time with cruxes.
Empezando una nueva animación, ahora con cruxes
6 submissions
My new crux Try by oscuridad666
Night Club / Club Nocturno by oscuridad666
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Working on my backgrounds, trying to make them more "living"

Trabajando en mis fondos, tratando de hacerlos mas "vivos"
3 submissions
Sala / Living Room by oscuridad666
Showers / Regaderas by oscuridad666
Night Club / Club Nocturno by oscuridad666
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The history about Kehno's first day in Daddy Mino's Daycare
6 submissions
Second Scene preview / Previo de la segunda escena by oscuridad666
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Voy a subir en este espacio los modelos de los personajes para escuchar los comentarios sobre ellos.
I'll upload in this space the models of the characters so I can get feedback.
7 submissions
Roxie cub preview by oscuridad666
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