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Requests, commissions, art trades, collaborations and the like (excluding ANH and the MLP Vector Club requests).
106 submissions
Flying and Riotous/Hyperbolic Tessellations by Parclytaxel
All the Paths in Pantanal Airspace by Parclytaxel
Long Plots and Short Catchlights by Parclytaxel
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These are pictures done in exchange for people supporting me across my Patreon and Pixiv Fanbox accounts.
18 submissions
Look Inwards and Bash Fashion by Parclytaxel
A Reference Sheet for Sky Thundercloud by Parclytaxel
Instant Candy Corn Pony by Parclytaxel
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Comics and related images from the Ain't Never Had Friends Like Us Tumblr blog.
36 submissions
Yuki-onna (ANH) by Parclytaxel
Dress the Rainbow (ANH) by Parclytaxel
Rarity's Bottle (ANH) by Parclytaxel
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An extension of joycall6's periodic table.
25 submissions
80, Mercury by Parclytaxel
81, Thallium by Parclytaxel
82, Lead by Parclytaxel
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Requests for scenes from MLPFIM taken from the MLP Vector Club's requests and reservations website.
43 submissions
S(K(SII))(S(S(KS)K)(K(SII))) by Parclytaxel
Prelude to the Festival of Britain by Parclytaxel
No Sleepers Immediately Visible by Parclytaxel
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