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258 submissions
Sunstroke Project vs. Cascada feat. Olia Tiara and Kadenza - Run Away From The Night Nurse by OfficialDJUK
Mimori Suzuko vs. Will Smith - My Little Fresh Prince - Will Is Best Pony by OfficialDJUK
David Guetta vs. Daniel Ingram - Let The Titanium Remind You by OfficialDJUK
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Brony Music and American Pop Music to Japan & Korean..... [K-Pop/J-Pop Mashups]
Inspired by: East Meets West Mashups
110 submissions
Prototype Girl -プロトタイプガール- -  wowaka feat. Glaze by OfficialDJUK
Connecting The Purpose In Your Life - halyosy feat. Gabby & The Cutie Mark Crusaders by OfficialDJUK
#AmericanPianoGirl - Oster Project vs. Bonnie McKee by OfficialDJUK
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43 submissions
Tinybook Banners/Icons by OfficialDJUK
Sky Effects [Photoshop EDIT] by OfficialDJUK
Rainbow Dash [Edit/Wallpaper] by OfficialDJUK
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15 submissions
[原曲メドレー] Mash of Up ~RainicornSpeed Mix~ by OfficialDJUK
[原曲メドレー] Nico Nico Drive-In  by OfficialDJUK
[原曲メドレー] Miracle Paint (All-Stars Remix)  by OfficialDJUK
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Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZQV9okpPesdqhC1rYQmJ0JQHuR24sM9n/view?usp=sharing
4 submissions
Your Best Mashup by OfficialDJUK
Fade Into The Flexx (2018 Mix) by OfficialDJUK
Daydream Stargazer by OfficialDJUK
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1 submission
One Small Thing - My Little Pony: The Movie by OfficialDJUK
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[Late Upload, sorry about that]

Download: https://tinybook.co.uk/musics/view_album/3/double-mashups-may-16-2017
2 submissions
Want You To Stay - Orbiter vs. Zedd by OfficialDJUK
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay vs. Daniel Ingram - Something Just Like This for Sugar Belle by OfficialDJUK
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Download/Tracklist: http://freetexthost.com/40fb0iidkq
2 submissions
Attack Of The Midnight in Me - Linked Horizons feat. Twilight Sparkle by OfficialDJUK
We Will Stand For One - Pegboard Nerds vs. Gaia Everfree (Gloriosa Daisy) by OfficialDJUK
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Download + Tracklist: http://sta.sh/02f7bb4zj6kk
2 submissions
It's A Pony Kind of Snow Halation - Mane 6 feat. μ’s by OfficialDJUK
Next Pony Level [PonyDub vs. Original vs. DJ Cole The Pony's Mashup Edit] - Various Artists by OfficialDJUK
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1 submission
The Nutshack: XY&Z  by OfficialDJUK
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Download + Tracklist: http://tinyurl.com/DMJune152016DLandTracklist
2 submissions
Endless Love - Perfume feat. Cipes And The People  by OfficialDJUK
It's Gonna Lean On - Rarity & Pinkie Pie feat. Major Lazer, DJ Snake & MØ by OfficialDJUK
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Download + Info: http://bit.do/DMJune012016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
End Or Revival - ep0d feat. Kion by OfficialDJUK
COSMIC DREAMS - Taylor Swift feat. kz by OfficialDJUK
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Tracklist & DL: http://bit.do/DMApr212016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
Zebroshka - HACHI feat. Cheezi, Chungu & Janja  by OfficialDJUK
#HowWeDoWar - Marianas Trench feat. Katy Perry  by OfficialDJUK
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Tracklist + DL: http://tinyurl.com/DMApr132016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
Not Alone Smiling -  Halyosy feat. Various Artists (Nico Nico Chorus) & Owl City by OfficialDJUK
Diamond Tiara's Broken Heart - Toraboruta-P feat. Diamond Tiara & Cutie Mark Crusaders by OfficialDJUK
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Tracklist + DL: http://tinyurl.com/DMApr102016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
The Disappearance of The Cutie Mark Crusaders -FINAL ADVENTURE- -  cosMo-P feat. Appleboom by OfficialDJUK
Out Of The Dark Woods - Machigerita-P feat. Taylor Swift by OfficialDJUK
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Tracklist & DL: http://bit.do/DoubleMashupsApr32016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
Under The Storm Of The Sirens - Ryu☆ feat. The Dazzlings by OfficialDJUK
FLAMAGEHA - Ryu☆ feat. Film And Flam by OfficialDJUK
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Download & Info: http://bit.do/DoubleMashupsMar122016Tracklist-DL
2 submissions
Battle of The Sirens - Ryu☆ feat. The Dazzlings by OfficialDJUK
Run The Wildfire - Silva Hound feat. MandoPony, Hardwell and Jake Reese by OfficialDJUK
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Tracklist & DL: http://tinyurl.com/DMFeb192016TL
Cover Art: http://i.imgur.com/b5Z2Wxk.jpg
2 submissions
We Found Love In Summer Blooms - Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna & Twilight Sparkle  by OfficialDJUK
I'll Fly To Heaven - Rainbow Dash feat. Coldplay by OfficialDJUK
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Download & Tracklist: http://annoying.link/DMFeb022016Tracklist
2 submissions
Spectacle Cannonball - Countess Coloratura feat. Showtek & Justin Prime by OfficialDJUK
The Summertime with The Magic Inside - Lana Del Rey, Cedric Gervais feat. Countess Coloratura  by OfficialDJUK
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Download & Info: http://annoying.link/DMJan182015TracklistandDL
2 submissions
Stop The Bats Like It's Hot - The Living Tombstone feat. Mane 6 (MLP: FIM OST) & Snoop Dogg by OfficialDJUK
#ComeAliveWithThatPower - Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber & Silva Hound by OfficialDJUK
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Download: http://www.4shared.com/rar/MUq9ddvxba/Double_Mashups_-_Jan052016.html?
Tracklist: http://annoying.link/DMJan052016Tracklist
2 submissions
How to Save Rainbow Dash's Life - SoaringFlight feat. The Fray by OfficialDJUK
The Night The Little Saint Nick And The Angel Laughed - Dreams Come True feat. The Beach Boys by OfficialDJUK
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Download & Info: http://freetexthost.com/kgoeq6tq3f
2 submissions
Daddy's Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper feat. PSY  by OfficialDJUK
Take The Red Summer Home (Hiyashi Remix) - Tatsh & NAKOI feat. Shimo, Calvin Harris & Cash Cash by OfficialDJUK
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4 submissions
Kumikyoku Kaiko (DJ Lady Rainicorn's Cover)  by OfficialDJUK
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga Kai (DJ Lady Rainicorn's Cover) by OfficialDJUK
【-Rearrange-】七色のニコニコ動画【-ZeltaN’mix-】 (DJ Lady Rainicorn's Cover)  by OfficialDJUK
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