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I generally use my FA account for commissions, requests, and trades. The vast majority of what you find in my Inkbunny gallery is my own art. This pool is for those rare exceptions.
55 submissions
Fracture Sketches by KW
Yogurt Facial by KW
Wet Dog by KW
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Bunny buns!
2 submissions
S. Sawyer by KW
S. Sawyer: Extra Guide by KW
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Sexy sparkledog funtime!
35 submissions
Fracture Concept Art by KW
Fracture Sketches by KW
Compound Fracture (Censored) by KW
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The manyfold misadventures of a well-endowed, genderfluid mouse.
10 submissions
Strike a Pose by KW
New Hoodie by KW
Smuggling Tangerines by KW
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My coloring on someone else's line work.
5 submissions
Strike a Pose by KW
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Fantastically fluffy fennec funtime!
2 submissions
Hey, I'm Eddie by KW
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Sexy intersex sheep gal with big...everything.
3 submissions
Mariah at the Beach by KW
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Stories and pics I've been paid (in cash or in trade) to create go into this pool.  Commission information, including pricing, can be seen in my journals.
28 submissions
[Trade: Tyu] Stonefang Tyu by KW
[Trade: Tyu] Mosa in Latria by KW
[Trade: Tyu] The Gray Mosa by KW
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