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Notifications of Furthia High updates.
74 submissions
Furthia High 343 by quetzadrake
Furthia High 344 by quetzadrake
Furthia High 345 by quetzadrake
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Art that's drawn in the full-style (as opposed to chibi-style) and tends to be colored and shaded and such.
49 submissions
Kittydragons at Dusk by quetzadrake
Hypertail by quetzadrake
Bec Noir by quetzadrake
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Art that's drawn in the chibi-style. Tends to be colored and shaded, too.
13 submissions
Kazerad's Sweet Licks by quetzadrake
Serving Masterdragon (2011 B-Day Gift for Immy!) by quetzadrake
The Contest Continues by quetzadrake
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Art in a simple stick-figure-esque style. Sometimes animated.
10 submissions
Jit, Anakanak by quetzadrake
Beatfox, ...uh... Sweet Vest Haver? by quetzadrake
Puppies by quetzadrake
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These are badges I've drawn for people to wear at conventions. Usually in a chibi-style.
9 submissions
Badges for AC2012 Pickup 1 by quetzadrake
Badge for AC2012 Pickup 2 by quetzadrake
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Sketchy art, usually drawn on paper.
13 submissions
Bunny Vores a Raccoon by quetzadrake
Dragon Inflation by quetzadrake
Girly Prance! by quetzadrake
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The adventures of Campy in a dark alternate Pokemon universe.
13 submissions
Born in Rubble - 001 by quetzadrake
Born in Rubble - 002 by quetzadrake
Born in Rubble - 003 by quetzadrake
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