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This pool is for projects I've done in the building block CAD program, MLCAD. The projects may or may not be completed, as I may have simply given up on them.
55 submissions
Lego Zoids: Shadow Fox 001 by Kantorock
Lego BattleTech: Red Queen by Kantorock
Lego Mecha: Black Queen by Kantorock
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A collection of MOCs I have done in the Lego CAD program "MLCAD" as featured in my as yet-to-be-released "Lego Space Wars" Lego fan-verse.
22 submissions
Lego: Life On Mars - Red Planet Protector (Mod) by Kantorock
Lego Space MOC: Blacktron Fuel Depot (hi-res) by Kantorock
6957-1 Solar Snooper by Kantorock
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An anthro high fantasy rpg setting.
3 submissions
Chronciles of Ashara: Amania Brainstorm v1.0 by Kantorock
Chronciles of Ashara: Ashara Nations Brainstorm v1.0 by Kantorock
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A collection of Zoid-related works that I have deemed suitable to be shared.
17 submissions
Zoids: Battle Century - Buster Liger by Kantorock
Zoids: Battle Century - Shadow Fox BP by Kantorock
Zoids: Battle Century -Lightning's Fury by Kantorock
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A collection of projects I have done pertaining to Dungeons & Dragons.
6 submissions
The Steve by Kantorock
Onna-bugeisha by Kantorock
Onna-bugeisha - Battlefield by Kantorock
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A collection of personal Star Wars fan character, starships, and sets I have created for various role-playing games. Do not use without my personal written permission.
9 submissions
Selene Dai'Ru'Lek by Kantorock
Lego Star Wars MOC: B4-U8 by Kantorock
Lego Star Wars MOC: Steampunk Droid by Kantorock
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