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All my pictures that contain vore or cooking of some sort.
10 submissions
Slobberyenas by Soggy2002
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A selection of WIPs and eventually the finished version of the assassin.
2 submissions
Assassin [WIP] by Soggy2002
Assassin [WIP 2] by Soggy2002
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A selection of sketchy, draft scenes for my very-very-early-design-stage game.
1 submission
Unnamed Game Love Interest Screen Concept by Soggy2002
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A selection of the character icons I might use for my very-very-early-design-stage game.
3 submissions
Character Concept - Rabbit by Soggy2002
Character Concept - Horse by Soggy2002
Character Concept - Lion by Soggy2002
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Souther Sergal anatomy using my friend's sergal, Sascha.
3 submissions
Sascha the Sergal by Soggy2002
Sergal With Skeleton by Soggy2002
Sergal Skeleton by Soggy2002
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A continuation of the 'Kit Comic' I did a while back on FA.
1 submission
Kit Comic Returns! by Soggy2002
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