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Commissions I've bought from other artists.  Gift art too.
39 submissions
Pokémon Sketch Page by Afterglow
Chuudrawn Sparkz by Afterglow
Sheep Sweethearts by Afterglow
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Images of Ampharos, or of Afterglow the Ampharos, my Pokésona.
26 submissions
derFisch x Afterglow: Belly rub snug by Afterglow
derFisch x Afterglow: Kiss Returned by Afterglow
derFisch x Afterglow: Pocky Kiss by Afterglow
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Commissions I've drawn for other people.  Gift art too.
21 submissions
Frogadier female by Afterglow
Furret icon by Afterglow
Icon set - Chord, Tsungi, Fiddler by Afterglow
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Argon Vile made a great Poképorn game and I like to draw fanart of it, where I mimic the art style and put new Pokémon into the game's webcam screen.
5 submissions
Ampharos Unlocked! - Monster Mind Fanart SFW by Afterglow
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One favourite Pokémon drawn on each day of December
33 submissions
Mega-Kangaskhan Cuddles by Afterglow
Goodra Against Glass by Afterglow
Litwick and Shadow by Afterglow
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A charming roleplay character of mine. A butler who gets into situations.
6 submissions
Pokémon Sketch Page by Afterglow
Serving Up Romance by Afterglow
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Images of the feral yellow cabbit (mostly rabbit, a little cat) character named Sparkz. My first fuzzy character ever.
13 submissions
Pokémon Sketch Page by Afterglow
Climb Aboard by Afterglow
Sparkz's Dangerous Side by Afterglow
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Crossover fanart
8 submissions
Undertale Pokémon - Flowey by Afterglow
Undertale Pokémon - Napstablook by Afterglow
Undertale Pokémon - Monster Kid by Afterglow
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