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Blood, gore, and other unpleasantness
2 submissions
Treadn't by budgiebin
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Stuff that doesn't really fit elsewhere
12 submissions
Fashionable Kaye by budgiebin
Stripe Panther by budgiebin
[Reference] Kaye Devin (2013) by budgiebin
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self explanatory
5 submissions
Call  You Mom by budgiebin
Umbreon by budgiebin
TEAM SKULL by budgiebin
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25 submissions
Kaye + Flurry by budgiebin
Kamatz icon by budgiebin
[Icon] Muscari by budgiebin
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Nothing particularly erotic; just body studies and so forth.
24 submissions
Melissa Margay #2 by budgiebin
RAWRlory by budgiebin
SmiloKaye portrait by budgiebin
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OH NOEZ I probably won't be uploading to this often
2 submissions
[Commission] Crassy Smash! by budgiebin
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15 submissions
Kamatz icon by budgiebin
[Icon] Muscari by budgiebin
Feedin' Ducks by budgiebin
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11 submissions
FUCK YEAH ACEOS by budgiebin
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Too dirty to be artsy, too clean for the fetish pile...
8 submissions
Melissa Margay #2 by budgiebin
Suddenly DRAGON by budgiebin
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A comic :)
2 submissions
Microchips by budgiebin
Kicked out of St. Pigeonation's by budgiebin
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MLP crap :)
2 submissions
Oh Hello! by budgiebin
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Thread and stuff
1 submission
Cross Stitched Kaye Badge by budgiebin
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