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A collection for stories and other writing I have done or collaborated with.
15 submissions
Never Let You Go (Part I) by Tahlyn
Never Let You Go (Part II) by Tahlyn
Never Let You Go (Part III) by Tahlyn
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A story series about a human who encounters a bobcat after a horrible experience, but who's now going through a slight growing situation.

A collaboration between me and MysteriousMist aka Ruduen.
10 submissions
Don't Leave by Tahlyn
Never Let You Go (Part I) by Tahlyn
Never Let You Go (Part II) by Tahlyn
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Pictures with my main fursona Kwandry, a red panda with a growy nature to him.
18 submissions
Not Again... by Tahlyn
Kwandry Bust by Tahlyn
DEM PAWZ! by Tahlyn
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A group for artwork of other characters I use or created.
8 submissions
"Turtle"? (Recent Adoption) by Tahlyn
Don't Leave by Tahlyn
The Best Meal of My Life! by Tahlyn
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A story about a tiger and a red panda starting a relationship while one of them goes through some big changes. A collaboration with JamesFoxes.
2 submissions
Sparked (Part I) by Tahlyn
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Pictures with my tiger character (and original fursona) Tahlyn.
6 submissions
Me & My Big Li'l Brother by Tahlyn
Tahlyn Reference Sheet by Tahlyn
Tahlyn in Focus by Tahlyn
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