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This category is for works involving characters/creatures/races/designs that were started from an already pre-existing media. May or may not include specific characters from the media.
69 submissions
Don't get to Drowzee! by Zsisron
Bass n' Treble, Brothers from Other Mothers by Zsisron
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A pool of hypnosis-based commissioned works. All works therefore contained in this are pieces commissioned from other artists with a hypnosis/mind control theme.
257 submissions
One Word Sums It Up~ by Zsisron
Music Tames the Savage and Civilized Beast by Zsisron
Serpentine Hypnosis by Zsisron
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Contains a feral creature of some sort. May or may not be interacting with an anthro.
62 submissions
Lucian the Balseraph by Zsisron
One Word Sums It Up~ by Zsisron
A Great Treasure - 1 by Zsisron
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Works commissioned that don't fall under the hypnosis category, be they clean, mature, or adult.
53 submissions
Christopher the Sent by Zsisron
Christopher the Sent - Body by Zsisron
Stylish Chris by Zsisron
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A general folder containing either pinups, ref sheets, or character designs! Because they are fun to make, get, plan out! :D
77 submissions
Stable Boys by Zsisron
Darius by Zsisron
Draconic Dignitaries by Zsisron
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Everything involving the serpentine nagas and lamias. Genuinely will also be hypnosis based.
21 submissions
Zsismon - Digimon Forms by Zsisron
The Correct Answer is of Course Hypnosis! by Zsisron
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Commissions that aren't sexual in nature and involve two or more characters.
22 submissions
Chillin' and a Grinnin' by Zsisron
Prideful Martivir by Zsisron
Jetim - Desert Warrior by Zsisron
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Comic commissions I've gotten that have more than one page to them. They may be clean, mature, or adult. Again, all of them have been commission from various artists or are gifts.
53 submissions
The Prince of Thieves by Zsisron
The Prince of Thieves - 2 by Zsisron
Beach Daze - 1 by Zsisron
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A hypnosis comic taking place in a fantasy setting.
4 submissions
Susceptible to Sorcery by Zsisron
Susceptible to Sorcery - 1 by Zsisron
Susceptible to Sorcery - 2 by Zsisron
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