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All things Sonic! (Un-Yaoied)
16 submissions
Happy (Late) Birthday SilverFanNumberONE! by KuroCho
Who's The Best?  by KuroCho
Art Trade- I like that one. by KuroCho
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This comic is based of an RP with Sonicfangirl99
11 submissions
Mephilver- Personality Switch  by KuroCho
Personality Switch Page 1 by KuroCho
Personality Switch Page 2 by KuroCho
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A new segment that will go on for a while, guys!
3 submissions
Ask Megan Anything!! by KuroCho
01. HeattheDragon by KuroCho
02. ElectroWolf by KuroCho
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For all the Yaoi-ness i make :D
13 submissions
Sonadow- Kiss by KuroCho
Sonadow- Kiss by KuroCho
What's On The Inside?- Coloured by KuroCho
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10 submissions
.:Dark Sonadow:. Clothed Getting Off (Day 6) by KuroCho
.:LancelotxSonic:. Half Dressed (Day 7) by KuroCho
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The Chapters and The Comic!
4 submissions
Your Rival Is Your Lover Comic Cover by KuroCho
Your Rival Is Your Lover-Chapter 1 pages. by KuroCho
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Comic Series By Myself+Bobby
3 submissions
The Adventure  by KuroCho
The Adventure P-2 by KuroCho
The Adventure-P4 by KuroCho
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Computer Version :D
1 submission
Adventure P-1  by KuroCho
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