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My own take of Fall of Equestria.
60 submissions
Crystal Empire Fall of Equestria Stage 1 by Stryderfox
Fall of Equestria Opening Stage theme by Stryderfox
Fall of Equestria Bat Cave Stage theme by Stryderfox
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Sexy Black Sheep girls
3 submissions
Sexy black sheep by Stryderfox
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This pool is for Rule 63 Stuff I made.
48 submissions
Rule 63 Butt 4 by Stryderfox
Rule 63 Lingerie Part 1 by Stryderfox
New outfit for Rule 63 by Stryderfox
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A fan Parody of Brony, NSFW artists and MegaMan game all roll into one.
30 submissions
Cold Blooded Twilight Stage theme (Hidden Stage)~Ballad of NSFW  by Stryderfox
NSFW Boss-Lumo Stage Theme (Clop Mischief) by Stryderfox
KloudMutt Stage Theme by Stryderfox
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New species of Mobius that are hidden away by the Overlanders, awaiting their chance to save and reign over Mobius should the Freedom Fighters failed to defeat every villain on Mobius.
1 submission
Unknown Orginization by Stryderfox
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A different type of family in Equestria.
7 submissions
Orange Toasty by Stryderfox
Sweetie Tangerine by Stryderfox
Citrus Jam by Stryderfox
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Guns and panties goes together!^^
1 submission
Guns and Panties by Stryderfox
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Contaminated Ponies in the Lab.
2 submissions
ALXUL the Dark Pony by Stryderfox
XALIA the Experiment Pony by Stryderfox
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