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Hi There thanks thanks that you visit my page. ^.=.^

Where i live.
I'm living in Holland and not studying neither working. Just enjoying my life here in Holland. ^.=.^

What I'm doing for living.
Well I'm not working yet but i like to draw pictures for everyone to improve my skills. I'm not living alone but living in a apartment with 3 other guys here. we all have our own room with a lock. but we have to share the toilet and the shower and even the kitchen.
I'm a heavy gamer because i love to play games on my computer or a consoles. I like RPG, first person shooter games the most.
I don't own my self yet a fur-suit but it'll be my second goal to have one when i spare and collect money from my works My first goal right now is to spare for a graphic drawing tablet which i like it more then just a drawing tabled when you have to be looking on a screen all the time like a mouse but then with a pen. I more like it to draw direct on a screen but that's now impossible. So I'm spare for that part first. I'm Sure it's gonna improve even much more of my drawing skills because i like it to draw direct.
Most say drawing with a pencil on paper is more accurate then with my current drawing tablet but it take a bit longer time to draw it on paper because if make a mistake you can't undone it then with a program. Atm I'm searching for a job that fits my interest like a artist job. I've one in sight I just need to contact the person and hopefully he'll hire me. Wish me luck on that part.

What programs i use to draw pictures.
I'm using the following programs to draw and color my pictures: GIMP and Paint Tool SAI

I draw Pictures in normal, Mature and Adult. ^.=.^

About Lessa Shuftan

Lessa is a very busty and playful dragoness that can be a herm or just be a full female because of her magical body. She loves inflation, Hyper stuff such as big breasts, cocks and belly.
She doesn't mind to fill up her self like some of the picture of have a sudden breasts grow until they feeling tight like a balloon. Magic will restore her size when she wants to. She loves cuddle and naughty stuff and boob smooches. ^.=.^
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