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Divorce Dating: What It Is and How to Do it Right

One of the most difficult things after a divorce is to get back up on the dating horse and start to look around the market for another partner. After all, once you get your heart broken by the person you once thought was “The One”, divorce dating seems like a scary and unsure thing. However, once you get past that initial fear, divorce dating might actually be a good thing that can help you heal the hurts that you’re feeling, have a little bit of fun, and if you’re really lucky, find someone that you might want to build a relationship with.

Divorce dating is basically dating after you have finalized your divorce from your previous marriage, and a lot of people who are doing divorce dating generally prefer to date other people who have experienced a divorce themselves. The rationale behind this preference is simple: a divorce is usually a messy and painful experience, and those who have gone through it would rather spend time with a person who knows how it feels to survive such an experience. Let’s be honest; it’s a great common ground to break the ice.

The most important thing about divorce dating is to be honest with your date, especially if both of you have already experienced a divorce. Be upfront about the reason why your first marriage ended, simply because it’s always a good thing to air out these potential problems at the start of any relationship. Even if the person you’re dating has not experienced a divorce, at least from your end, you won’t be hiding any potential time bombs.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when you are divorce dating is that you should never let any lingering negative feelings that you might have from your old relationships spill over. No one wants to spend time with a person who keeps on holding old grudges, much less be with them.

It might be difficult at the beginning to enjoy your time with your date, especially if your divorce is fresh on your mind, but keep in mind that you don’t have to promise anything to that person. You are going on a divorce date for a breath of fresh air, and if something else come out of these dates, then good for you. If you find that you’re not ready for another relationship, or you don’t feel a connection with the person that you are dating, then at least you would have had fun on your date.

Divorce dating can be as fun and exciting as a regular date! Go and find something fun and interesting to do, or if you’re looking for some quiet time, even something as traditional as a movie and a dinner can be a good divorce date. Just relax and let yourself enjoy.

Where Do I Find a Girlfriend?

Great question! This is the one men have been asking themselves ever since it was deemed a crime to be single and alone.

But seriously, if you want to find a girlfriend, there are lots of things you can do to make this happen.

Here are some places you can go when you’re in the process of finding a soulmate – and a couple that you shouldn’t go near!

 Go Online and Find a Date

Online dating sites are great for singles to hook up with men and women who share their tastes and preferences. There are dating sites for virtually every kind of person – no matter what their background might be. Find a reputed one that has good online reviews; you don’t want to sign up with some shady site that isn’t really above board.

Back to School

If you’re taking masters, you’re in the best place you’ll ever be for picking up women. This is where you will find the smart women who are serious about their lives and careers because they’ve invested so much into their education. This is also the right time to develop life-long relationships. Lots of guys end up meeting the girl of their dreams while studying – why not you?

NOT the Clubs

Clubs aren’t the place to go when you want to find someone to have a serious relationship with. Booty call – yes; soulmate – not quite! You aren’t likely to find a girl who is serious about meeting someone they can love, cherish, honor and so forth. It’s most likely that you will find a party animal with commitment issues.

NOT the Singles Bars

Just like clubs, bars are not the best places to find girls that want to get seriously involved with you. The term party animal crops up again with bars, and besides, you’re more likely to end up with an alcoholic with morning cravings than a girl to spend your life with. The problem with both bars and clubs is that they’re not ideal for those with set objectives like finding true love.

Local Events

Town-organized events are great places to meet women from all kinds of backgrounds. There’s no guarantee of finding a soulmate at these places, but your chances are much better.  At such events, you can be properly introduced by a mutual friend or a relative; the chances of getting into a serious relationship are much higher than otherwise.

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