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Kiba and fawch by kibafuryo
Kiba and fawch
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Kiba and fawch by kibafuryo
Kiba and fawch
kiba furyo ref sheet  by kibafuryo
kiba furyo ref sheet
Centrix by SoluDoggy
by SoluDoggy
If he knew... by Nick2Shy
If he knew...
by Nick2Shy
another pick of me not hosted on this site

First Name:kiba

Last Name:Furyo



Species: Skunk Hybrid (skunk/bunny/husky mix)

Sexuality: Bi

TMI Information:   http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Kiba%20Furyo  

I'm open minded enough as it is, but if I'm not going to ever let someone hang me up in a noose and suck me off while I'm on the verge of suffocating... Therefore I cant really say that I'll try everything once. Does that mean I'm closed minded, or just like everyone else I have lines that I would rather not cross?


Turn Offs: Closed Mindedness, Assholes, Hot Shots, Superficialness, Fakeness, Shallowness

Furmeets: I've attended a few cons, AC 2009 being the last, and will be attending more in the future, although I tend not to see them in the epic religious experience category most young-ens do. I feel they perpetuate flighty, shallow, unemotional and detached behaviors, which as a general rule are not in line with how I believe one should live life, as well as they are just too god damned commercialized for my style. As they are part of the fandom though, and I try not to think myself and act so above it that I refuse to go, I plan a few here and there never the less. Also  I'm am significantly more of a meet person and have attended and organized several meets, and hope to be forming up a group or two in the area I just moved to.

Hobbies:  Computers, nakie swimming and hiking, building sand castles, exploring the forest, dreaming of trips to exotic far off places like the Amazon River, trains, Godzilla, MUCK's, MUD's, Second Life (living, family, and commerce). mobile technology gadgets, more to come...

Interests:   ageplay, amusement parks, animal totems, anthropomorphics,  bears,  binkies,  camping, chocolate,  costuming, cub lovers, cubfurs, cubs, cuddling, cum, dirty fur, dogs, ebay, fur-piles, furries, furry, furry art, fursuit, fursuit bukkake, fursuit making, fursuit yiff, fursuiters, fursuiting, fursuits, gadgets, gamera, gay,  golden showers, halloween, hiking, horror movies, htc, htc phones, hugging, huggles, hugs, huskies, infantilism, kidfurs, kidsongs,kissing, knight rider, lilfurs, liquor, littlefurs, love, making love, mascots, messy plushies, mobile computing, mustelids, muzzle yiff, nature, naturism, nokia communicator, nuzzling, pacifiers, pacis, paws, pee,  plush,  plushies,  puppets, puppy play, puzzles, rabbit, raccoons, reading, regression, religions, roleplaying, rollercoasters, scent-marking, scented fur,  sci-fi, science, science fiction, sexuality, skunks, snuggling, spa, sph, spooge, squirrels, stained fur, startrek, startrek: voyager, stinky  stuffed animals, sushi, tails, teddy bears, the moon, the stars, the woods, , thunder, urine, vampires, watersports, were creatures, werewolves, wet fur, windows mobile, winmo, wolves, wolves., ws, yiffing,

Favorite Films: Don't seem to watch to many.  

Favorite Books:Don't like reading so much .

Description: Hey! It's me Kiba, the silly skubunsky© ♥ Quite affectionate and full of love

for everybody. Don't be afraid to IM or ask anything. A random stinker looking for group fun.

NOTICE:  I dont often catch chat messages on here if you want to chat with me check my availability on Yahoo,  MSN, or Skype.

 I'm often busy, but when I sign on to chat I'm never too busy to give attention to those who want it or need it.  If you are too busy to chat, please don't call my attention to you, I'm hardly ever so available that I can waste time having a conversation with someone that amounts to a short sentence every 10 or 15 minutes from them.

Also...  I don't have time to waste on letting you lecture me for being direct and blunt and to the point, I don't need a mommy or daddy like dat.

If you need a pin cushion to be all hot shot and know it all on, go somewhere else, there is an ocean of superficial out there to pull from.

I'm Kiba Furyo on Second Life.

I'm more less just a skunk, with bunny ears and a husky cock. The tips of my ears are read and my tail and so are my eyes. I do not have a pg pic of this fursona, there for i can not post it on this site.

If you are a skunk, looking for snuggles join me and let's spray together x3 ♥
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lucky sobczak
7 years ago
Thx Fur Watch!
7 years, 2 months ago
Thank you for the watching ^w^
7 years, 2 months ago
Thanks fur the watch and for being my friend!
Welcome to IB :3
7 years, 2 months ago
*smiles* ^_^
7 years, 2 months ago
thankies fur da watch and fav and welcome to the bunny *huggles* ^^
7 years, 2 months ago
thanks for the watch "hugs"
7 years, 2 months ago
Thanks for the watch n favs! ^^
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