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Weekly Schedule Time! (7/31)

Allo, allo!

I hope everyone is doing well.  My sleep has been a bit off lately, mostly because I’ve just been trying to relax and I have a bad habit of not being able to stop myself when it comes to playing games and the like. XD

My teeth have been doing better.  I’ve been doing my best to keep them clean and to keep hydrated and aside from one or two moments over the last week or so, I haven’t had that much difficulty.  My neck still hurts from the stress of the infections, but I think I’m getting better, all be it at a somewhat sluggish rate.

Anyway, onto business!

Announcements and Business

Commission spots are closed, currently!  I’ll make a post as soon as new spots open up!  If you missed out or sent me something and weren’t sure about what you wanted or whatnot, don’t worry!  Once you figure it out, send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

E-mails about commissions go to commission(at)foxsaliant.com

Feel free to message me for scheduling information!

Things are progressing, if a bit slowly!  I know several of you have asked me about commissions and I really want to take them, but until I can get through what I’ve got currently, I can’t make any promises about new things!

Feel free to e-mail me or PM me on dA/IB if you want to throw me an idea!  I’d be happy to look over it, I just can’t accept it yet, until I have a few of these checked off!

If you need pricing info, please check the site for details:

As always, I would like to send out my thanks to everyone who supports my Patreon!  

There is now a Fox Saliant Studios/Various Happenings discord channel!  It’s not public just yet, but if you want an invite, you’re free to message me to get one!

So onto the list...

Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items

Personal Care (Shaze) [INV-182 to 185]
Rendering p.01

Toewiggles (DthB4Dshnr) [INV-192]
Will attempt to resketch when I’m able!

Character Sheet (Remixer) [INV-196]
Not started.

Extra Large, Extra Classy, Extra Snek [INV-209]
Not Started

Character Portrait [INV-211]
Not started.

Acceptable Circumstances [INV-212]
Not started

Scary Shower Fun [INV-213]
Not Started

Nevvy’s Safe Place [INV-214]
Not Started

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)
Blocking & Sketching completed. Inking next.

EDB Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Information acquired and ready.

Scarlet Icons (Patreon)

Little Foxes Wallpaper (Patreon)
Not started.

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!

Commission Slots:
(Basic Character Commissions Only)

#209 - Iron Confederate - Info received!
#211 - Remixer - Info received!
#212 - Shadesfox - Info received!
#213 - KennDragez - Info recieved!
#214 - Nevvy - Info recieved!
#215 - =CLOSED=

To Do List

 Post all past Sketch on the Spots
  05/12 SotS
  05/19 SotS
  05/26 SotS
  06/23 SotS
  06/30 SotS
  07/14 SotS
 Compile all this year’s SotS into an easily downloadable package for Patrons
 Compile all of Obsidian’s past commissions
 Clear out all of my inboxes (Tumblr/dA/IB/E-mail)
 Update ledger
 Update the Hall of Friends!
 Update Patreon Banner
 Update Tapastic Thumbnails
 Create Cast Page

And then, as for the schedule…

Weekly Schedule [7/31]

Monday (7/31)
STREAM: #182 - Rendering

Tuesday (8/1)
Various Happenings: p.61 (Sketching+Inking)

Wednesday (8/2)
STREAM: # 182 - Coloring

Thursday (8/3)
Various Happenings: p.61 (Colors & Shading)

Friday (8/4)
STREAM: #192 - Sketching

Milestones & Highlights!

Let’s see how things are going!

As of right now:

    Tumblr: 2240+ Followers
    Twitter: 74 Followers
    deviantart: 273 Watchers & 20.2k Pageviews!
    Inkbunny: 642 Watchers & 100k Pageviews!
    Patreon: 18 Patrons - $93/month!
    Comic Website: 236 Unique Views Per Week (Average)
    Tapas: 54 Subscribers / 4.4k+ Views!

That’s a lot of numbers!  

A few really cool milestones!  I finally got over 20,000 views on my dA page (despite it being 14 years old. XD) and I hit 100,000 views on my IB page!  Also, this month (July) has been the most traffic that foxsaliant.com / varioushappenings.com have gotten since the former’s relaunch in 2013!  

Despite how it feels, things are looking up!

I know a few of you were trying to push me towards $100/mo. on Patreon and I appreciate it!  I really hope we can get there soon! nvn

I’ve been getting a few requests to revisit my stuff with Queen Spooky, too and I really want to work on that, so I’m going to be picking through my materials a bit.

It might take a few weeks to find the time, but... we’ll see where we go from there.  I’ll see if I can’t have something special for you all this month.

If you want to see any characters of mine in particular, let me know!  I always like to hear what you guys want and hopefully, I’ll have some time for some personal draws in the coming weeks!  At least I hope so!

As always, if you want to ask me questions about my work, feel free to e-mail me at sali(at)foxsaliant.com or pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out, feel free to visit my Patreon or check out my website over at Foxsaliant.com for general info and donation links!

Thanks for listening, everyone!  Until next time! ovo!


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