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The Grand YCH Bazaar

Hello there, visitor. I welcome you into the grand YCH bazaar, your treasure trove of pre-established story plots meant to accommodate every taste and budget. The purpose of this YCH Bazaar is to provide a great array of exciting ideas for all the people who prefer to insert their characters into a story they can connect with straight off the bat, as well as give those who simply wish to support me the option of getting something in return for their money.

To buy a story, send me a private message, or email me at fiestydrake43@gmail.com with the name of your desired story. Make sure you have the budget for it. Payment plans are also available! First come, first served, so act fast if you set your eyes on a story!

Plot-driven stories

These detailed and emotional stories employ an elaborate plot, great character development and visceral emotions to create a very immersive romance story with just the right amounts of erotic moments sprinkled through favorable circumstances that lead to such intimacy.

These stories can include your characters, or you can give me creative freedom to write a truly enchanting story that includes your own kinks and preferences. Giving me full creative freedom(letting me pick the characters and the sex scenes) reduces the cost of the story by 10%.

The prices for these stories are as follows:

Medium sized story: 500$ for a story loyal to its plot and fully customizable sex scenes. The illustrated version (medium sized story + art) is 650$.

Long story: 750$ for a more in-depth plot, rich world-building, detailed conflict and enhanced character development. The illustrated version (long story +art) is 900$.

1) A blend of scales and feathers (Feral dragoness x male gryphon)

This is the tale of a family of gryphons who have taken a scaly dragoness under their wing. She's been raised in the gryphon family, indoctrinated into their culture and, though the other gryphons didn't see her with good eyes, her gryphon family always treated her like one of their own.

The dragoness formed a particularly tight bond with one of her male siblings, an open-minded gryphon who cared not for prejudice and who saw her for the wonderful creature that she is. Problems arise in their family when the dragoness reaches her first heat before her gryphon siblings. Tensions spark, loyalties waver, and to avoid potential conflict, the dragoness is forced to leave the nest together with her most beloved nest brother.

After settling into a territory of their own, the relationship of the two is put to the test when the dragoness' heat draws potential mates into their territory. Both dragoness and gryphon fight off the advances of the pesky males while desire slowly but surely chips away at the female's sanity. To help her cope with her constant wet dreams, her brother decides to soothe her need with his paws at first, tongue second, and cock third, thus proving to each other that, in spite of the differences between their species, they are the best mates one could ever dream of taking.

2) The Panther's Gryphon (Anthro female panther x feral male gryphon)
Namara is a panther working as a barnkeep under an influential family of nobles, one of the very few ones to own a gryphon bearing a leopard's rosettes on his hindquarters, gifted with rich intellect and powerful wind magic. His owner, a squad leader working under the direct employ of the king, often takes the gryphon out for various battles and tasks that constantly put the gryphon's life in peril. In a noble's eyes, the gryphon is simply a tool for war, but for Namara, he's a creature born under an unfortunate star, just like her.

During their time together, panther and gryphon grew quite close to one another, sharing dreams, aspirations, even desires of intimacy which their lowly status cares not for. Still, every mission might very well be the gryphon's last, and Namara, resolute in her desire to comfort the gryphon to the best of her abilities, crosses the boundaries of acceptable behavior by sharing herself with him. It all starts innocent at first, with mere glimpses of her sex to quench his curiosity. Later on, she allows him to smell her, taste her, all for the purpose to get him hard, so that she can milk that raw desire out of his member and into a bucket that she has to hide very carefully to avoid the suspicion of the nobles.

It all goes fine for a while, but the two can only withstand their lust for so long. It is a mad, reckless plan, to mate with a nobleman's gryphon, but for his sake, Namara finds the ideal place and time to do it. She barely has time to explain things out to the horny gryphon who keeps poking his head under her dress, dabbing his beak at her pussy, making his intention known. Taken aback by his overpowering crave, she quickly succumbs to his advances, lowering herself onto her fours, tail in the air.

Namara, having never taken a cock in her life, bulges her eyes out, experiencing orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, until the gryphon fills her to the brim with his seed. As her afterglow fades, she is scared and resentful for what has happened between them, but the gryphon insists that she climbs into the saddle he arrived with and spirits her away from her life of slavery and solitude and into a destiny she had only dreamed of before.  

3) Feline outcasts (Feral white tigress x feral male snow cheetah/leopard/lion/jaguar)

In the mountains, life is harsh for the few felines who still live in the few existing territories that haven't already been claimed by the wolves. A young white tigress, recently banished from her parents' territory upon reaching sexual maturity, encounters at what appears to be a benevolent white tiger male during the first heat. They mate day and night to ensure her pregnancy, but as soon as her heat ends, the male casts her out of his territory and right into snow cheetah/leopard territory, rival felines who do not tolerate intruders.

Alone, unprepared to tackle life head-on and a terrible hunter, the tigress resorts to stealing the prey of scrawnier predators to survive, aided by her size and strength. One day, she meets one of the smaller, weaker cats (Could be a snow leopard/snow cheetah, snow lion outcast)  while stealing his catch, but compared to the other felines, this one understands her plight and offers to hunt for her, in order to feed her and her future cubs, the smaller cat a much stealthier and better hunter than her. Together, they form a team to survive the harsh conditions, combining his hunting prowess with her size and strength to carve out a territory for themselves. As the bond between them strengthens, the pregnant female is none too shy in her offer to teach the male how to mate, especially when the eager male, like any feline who hadn't mated before, suffers from the habit of spilling his seed much too quick inside her. This quickly escalates into a most pleasurable game for the two, where the tigress teases the male to prove that he's gotten better at it, and the male graciously accepts her offer, if only to prove her wrong.

The more they mate, the stronger their feelings for each other grow, culminating with the male's desire to treat her future cubs as if they were his own.

4) The Feral Vanguard (feral Male dragon x feral male gryphon)

In this story, a human kingdom allied with an anthro kingdom, fight against a common threat. One has dragons on their side, the other gryphons, and in both cases, the culture of the people who fight alongside their feral allies is quite different.

In this story, a male dragon who refuses to fight alongside an anthro companion because of the pact's demeaning implications is paired up with an equally proud male gryphon who also refused a human rider. At first, they find their alliance unnecessary, borderline redundant, and they both seek to protect each other with the sole purpose of proving their superiority to each other. What starts off as a childish game becomes more serious when the gryphon is wounded in battle. On pain of becoming a deserter, the dragon takes his gryphon friend to safety, away from the battlefield, protecting his friend with unmatched ferocity.

While the gryphon recovers, the two spin tales about their families, kingdoms, and at one point, the topic shifts to gryphons and their inability to properly lick themselves down there. In order to brighten up the mood of his gryphon, the dragon decides to lick the protesting gryphon down there. The feathered creature has a sharp, musky, pungent taste, but it's none too foreign for the dragon so he keeps teasing the barbed, throbbing flesh.

The surprise happens when the gryphon, unable to hold back his seed after what has been only a couple of licks, ejaculates his thick, potent seed all over the dragon's snout. The dragon, taken aback by the premature climax, sneezes the seed all over the gryphon, then paces around, snarling and licking his snout and sneezing several more times. The dragon is very ashamed of failing to secure the gryphon in his maw and prevent this from happening, while the very embarrassed gryphon meekly asks, „Does it...taste so bad?"

The dragon, of course, puts the gryphon at ease, letting him know his orgasm happened far too quick. Apologies ensue, the two make out, and the gryphon starts rubbing the dragon's genitals with his paws, thus showing the awesomeness of padded pawsies to a dragon whose paws aren't fit for masturbation. Having both released their seed, the two males sleep in each other's embrace, happy to have found companionship after what has started as a truly unlikely partnership.

5) Sympathy for thy enemy (Feral male dragon x feral female wyvern)

Two civilizations are at war. One side fights in this conflict with the aid of wyverns, the others employs the help of feral dragons, and both are keen on eliminating one another.

During a regular skirmish, the dragons manage to capture a female wyvern after slaying her mate and put her in magical chains to milk as much information out of her as possible. In this kingdom, the captor owns the slave, and lucky for the wyvern, the human family who raised the dragon who captured the wyvern are the more liberal sort who don't believe in medieval torture, leaving the dragon spend his time with the wyverness, confident that his means are sufficient for this sort of task.

The conflict has taken its toll on both sides. Both dragons and wyverns have ample reason to hate each other, more so when the wyvern lost her mate in the recent battle. However, the dragon's kindness does not go unnoticed. What starts with mere sympathy between enemies who only follow their kingdom turns into empathy, followed by genuine curiosity for one another. Wyverns and dragons aren't all that different, and no land is more important than a life. Their similar views bring the two closer together, and when the wyverness' heat slams into her in full force, the dragon is willing to help her cope with the needs of the flesh.

There is no way back after tasting the forbidden fruit that love is. Either the two flee the horrors of war, or they do everything in their power to put an end to this senseless carnage, together!

6) Dawn of Valor (Feral male dragon x feral female unicorn)

In the year of 293 since the upheaval of the Magician Circle, the Valorian Empire managed to quell almost every trace of magic. The creatures once known to possess magic have been stripped of that particular ability and turned into a symbol of power for the rest of the world, to show that the Valorian Empire uses dragons as flying mounts and unicorns as their steeds.

In this medieval dystopia of sorts, we follow the life of a high born dragon who celebrates his sexual maturity(which is considered the coming of age in his culture), by ejaculating his first seed inside a unicorn mare. Since the breeding of dragons is kept under tight supervision by the Valorian Empire, not all dragons get to breed, and those who do must have absolutely no magic in their blood to keep their species dim and powerless.

The dragon is flabbergasted by the gathering of humans within the courtyard of his master's mansion. Though he is ill at ease with what he has to do, he breeds the mare, apologizing silently into her ear as he ejaculates his impressive load into her. With the mare kept into the same barn with him, the two begin to know each other better, and the dragon is introduced to the harsh reality of who he is, and what he represents to the humans. The mare fares even worse. Unlike stallions, mares are strictly kept for the sexual relief of dragons. She also tells the dragon of her mother, who has been hurt and abused during the matings, and at some point, even killed by a dragon right in front of her. And now that she's sexually mature, her life will likely follow the same pattern...

Both dragon and unicorn know that, to the outside world, they are mere animals, as proven by the numerous copulation between dragon and mare, solely for the enjoyment of the perverted nobles. However, part of their magic had never left them, allowing them to communicate telepathically with each other. The two continue to bond during the following weeks, and the mare teaches the dragon more about the world, while the dragon shares his knowledge of human nobles. At one point, the two finally decide to escape this wretched city and live free, together...

YCH stories including my characters

These stories give you the possibility to insert one of your desired character into a pre-established scenario featuring one of my characters as the other protagonist.

The cost of these stories is as follows:

Basic story: 150$ for a short story, with one detailed erotic scene and basic character development. The illustrated version (basic story + art) is 300$.

Enhanced story: 300$ for a medium sized story, with two detailed erotic scenes or longer foreplay and satisfying character development. The illustrated version (enhanced story + art) is 450$.

Advanced story: 500$ for a large story, with in-depth character development and an engaging plot spread across three or more scenes. The illustrated version (advanced story + art) is 650$.

1) Doravar's fjords:https://www.sofurry.com/view/925924

Doravar is a two hundred something years old dragon who has led a life of solitude since the failed rebellion of the local humans claimed the life of his mate, along with his once peaceful territory. Now forced to live on the abandoned fjords strewn with the remnants of the past, this ancient red dragon awaits for the spark that might enkindle his subdued emotions.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender to approach Doravar with patience and understanding and show the red dragon through physical and spiritual means that pleasure can still be found, even in the most desolate of places.

Doravar is a bisexual dragon, erring on the submissive side with females and the dominant side with males. Sexual scenes are flexible, meaning that we can discuss them depending on what your character likes as well.

2) Ilyniel's cliffs: https://www.sofurry.com/view/857549

Ilyniel, a mischievous Sky Serpent, can be found every day sprawled upon the top of jagged cliffs, basking in the sun and listening to the song of the sea. Unlike the other territorial dragons, she is more than willing to share her plot of land with others, her only currency being the pleasure you can bestow upon her.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender that willingly ventures into Ilyniel's territory after hearing the rumors of what transpires to the trespassers. Ilyniel is a bisexual, dominant dragoness who likes to be on top of things, if you know what I mean.

3) Firi's mountains: https://www.sofurry.com/view/930758

The young gryphoness named Firi has recently gone into heat! She has secluded herself in the heart of the mountains to wait out that pesky affliction, but even with the precautions she tries to take, her fertile fragrance still betrays her.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender who stumbles upon Firi through sheer chance, without looking for her in particular.

Firi is a shy, submissive creature who is still a virgin, inexperienced in the ways of pleasure. For her sake, kinks are restricted to: cunnilingus(receiving), paw play, fingering, etc. basically cute and tender sexual interactions that do not involve penetration. If you're a male, she can put her soft hind paws to good use.

4) Rynthara's forest: https://www.sofurry.com/view/926490

The forest holds many secrets, one of them being the presence of a majestic, playful dragoness who only shows herself to those she deems worthy. A rebellious female who has just gone through her first heat, Rynthara believes that pleasure is a weakness of the flesh that can be subdued through sheer discipline. After she singles you out due to your foreign looks, the dragoness spends a day in your presence, excited to share her views with a traveler like you.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender who is willing to break through Rynthara's resolve and prove to her that accepting one's needs is the first step to take for one's personal growth.

Rynthara is a switch, meaning that her preferences are influenced by her partner.
The best way to get to this dragoness' heart is by tending to her paws and showing her what a skilled tongue can do when put in the right place. Other kinks can be discussed, but Rynthara's too proud right now to resort to sucking off males or mating with them. She simply needs time ^^

5) Raki's highlands: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1043508

Raki is one of the many gryphons who is patrolling the highlands, an area lush in prey but dangerous to those who might step on a gryphon's pride. Lucky for you, Raki's territory is right on the border with a neighboring kingdom, so this civilized and eloquent gryphon takes you under his wing to groom you for your journey through the highlands.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender who has a thirst for adventure and enough room in his heart for a gryphon's affection. Since he has yet to find a mate, Raki is kind of clingy, and the poor thing hasn't even mated yet!

Raki is a character who likes to put up a strong front at first, but that façade quickly falters before those who know how to woo him with words. Kinks are open to discussion, though Raki would rather not take a dick in his butt He's just not ready for that yet :D And also too proud for it because gryphon.

6) Kenara and Athys' Valley: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1017027

Myths speak of a valley inhabited not by fierce, scaly dragons, but small, cute, fluffy ones! Such is the case of Athys and Kenara, a mated pair of furred, wingless dragons who have secured a tiny corner of paradise for themselves. Being the friendly sort, they welcome other creatures to share their territory, and sometimes, they even decide to spend their time with the visitors!

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender who is willing to withstand the interaction with two cute fluffy dragons! Since they are both open minded creatures, almost any kink goes with them, though I still insist that we discuss them to make sure they fit into the story.

Athys is the more adventurous and outspoken of the two, while Kenara is a bit more reserved. That being said, the two are no strangers to pleasure, meaning that you will quickly become the target of their curiosity!

7) Tarenad's autumnal plains: https://www.sofurry.com/view/972329

Nobody desired the southern plains, a bleak territory torn by the vagaries of war. The armies that have swept through the countryside left behind a trail of ash soon to be buried under the snows of winter. There is, however, a dragon who has made his home here, a Sky Serpent of a different kind, not mischievous like Ilyniel, but tame and meek. Tarenad, too young and inexperienced to find a better territory, moved onto the southern plains to flee his responsibilities as a male, constantly doubtful that he has what it takes to form a deep emotional bond with somebody else.

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of any gender(Female preferable) who can give Tarenad the confidence boost he needs to excel in life and to also help him ejaculate his virgin seed.

Tarenad is very docile and well mannered, easily flustered by lewd terms and talk of mating. Since he's more of the passive sort, it's your character who has to break through his timid nature and show him how good it feels to have him member stroked, licked, or squeezed by the walls of a vagina or a tight butthole.

8) Aryn's Tundra: https://www.sofurry.com/view/969251

Aryn, a snowy cheetah raised by a benevolent human, has decided to leave his comfort zone and immerse himself into the lifestyle of his wild parents. Things are going terrible for the unskilled hunter, and the bigger predators slowly but surely chased him away into an inhospitable tundra that is scarce in prey and shelter. Will luck finally shine on this unfortunate cat?

This story requires a feral/anthro/human character of female gender who can rescue Aryn from his predicament and, while she's at it, also teach the bumbling male a thing or two about how to mate.

Aryn is a switch, meaning that he leads when he absolutely has to but follows those he trusts. Sexually, he's quite reserved and hesitant to engage in sexual acts. Once he does, however, expect the lonely cheetah to cum in quite the spectacular fashion. Kinks are open to discussion, of course, though Aryn loves having his paws fondled, to receive oral pleasure and to provide pleasure in any way he can to either male or female.

Short smutty stories

With these stories, you are given full leave to shape them into the ultimate instrument of your desires. Since they feature a single, noteworthy scene, their focus is to paint a deeply erotic scene embellished with a touch of character development to give them extra flavor.

The cost of any of these stories is a flat 175$ for a short, smutty, satisfying story.

1) Dragon and concubines (Feral dragon protagonist needed)[/t]

There is a dragon in this lavish palace chamber who gets his scales polished with swathes of silk from several concubines. Could be a combination of males and females, and he shares stories with them, witty banter, maybe even pleasures them while they pleasure him(Lick their cunts, suck their cocks etc). They can ride his cock, finger his slit, maybe ask him about the particularities of a dragon's anatomy. It's just a very heart-warming and lewd scene.

2) Dragoness colony (Feral or anthro dragon protagonist needed)

A lone dragon decides to take a leap of faith and leave his dreary life in search of a colony of dragonesses that are said to offer visitors all sorts of untold pleasures. The truth is much more spectacular than he imagined...

3) Feral feline tribe(Any anthro/feral species of any gender protagonist needed)

A character of any species(can be feral/anthro/human) is lost in the mountains. He eventually collapses and, upon waking up, he realizes that a tribe of sentient feral felines rescued him from certain death. He has heard of their existence but didn't quite believe snow leopards, tigers and snow cheetahs actually lived together. The character is introduced to the pair of white tigers who rule over this tribe and is given a few days to recover. The character in question samples their culture and, at night, curious young felines who have just reached sexual maturity pay him visits, eager to know more about the outside world. Those visits often end in pleasurable acts for all parties involved.

5) Lioness' Inn(Any anthro/feral male protagonist needed)

Your travels carried you to a secluded village on your way to your objective. Since you are a species that is quite exotic for these parts, the lioness who is the maid here takes a particular interest in you. She first starts asking where you're from and where you are going, and then she is more concerned about when you have last been with a female. Her openness takes you aback, and things are about to get even better when she leads you to your room, undresses, bends over and wiggles her feline butt, asking you to release all that pent-up seed inside of her.

6) Fighting for the losing side(Any anthro/feral male protagonist)

You are an anthro/feral male who has lost the battle against humans and their gryphon allies. To make it worse, a gryphoness whose human companion died took you as a prisoner and led you to her people to face their justice. Rather than executing you, they make you the gryphoness' possession,  to be handled by her however she likes. The gryphoness is not the callous beast you expected, and as you both share your respective cultures, the gryphoness slowly starts to take an interest in you. And so, you quickly discover just how gentle a gryphon's hind paws can be, along with just how wet gryphon females can get during mating.

7) The anthro's dragon(Feral character protagonist needed)

You have always lived in an anthro community, raised by them and fighting for them. Your caretaker is a white tigress that is madly in love with you, but both you and her have been reluctant to take your relationship forward. While doing your usual scouting mission, you are accosted by rogue wyvern riders who force you to flee into the nearby mountains due to their numbers. After escaping the ambush unscathed and laying low in an underground cave, you finally decide that life is too short to be spent running scared and pleasure the tigress like she's never been pleasured before. In return, she shows you how surprisingly creative anthros can be in giving you pleasure.

8) Breeding the enemy(feral dragon protagonist needed)

Everybody told you to stay away from wyvern territory, but one day, your sense of curiosity outweighs cold logic. Two mated wyverns tackle you from the air, force you to the ground, and instead of killing you on sight like your people have taught you, they simply wish to extract information from you. Being as curious about dragons as you are about them, the two wyverns decide to use you as their sex slave, a position that fulfills your deepest, most erotic of fantasies.

9) The black dragoness(Feral protagonist needed)

While foolishly venturing into foreign territory, a black dragoness accosts you and turns you into her sex slave.
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