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It's days like these where I question what I'm doing.

I feel like I've ingrained myself in this side of the community a little too far. Way beyond my own comfort zone. Of course, that's my own doing what with the foalcon and all. But now I feel myself potentially being set up with hanging out with the wrong crowd because of it. Unsavory people I 100% do not want to be approached by or interact with.

Again, my own doing. I feel like people are getting the wrong impression from me because of it. To which I don't blame them for. I never really talk about my life or other projects outside of IB and really I just post pics all the time and that's it. :V

Maybe I should take a break. Or just flat out quit before it gets out of hand.
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Added: 2 years ago
2 years ago
Nothing is wrong with foalcon. I for one love Foalcon and cubs. But I would never do it myself IRL. (Only in Roleplays!)

I say as long as you're not actively persueing little girls or boys IRL. Then not to worry about it c: And keep doing what you like!
2 years ago
If anything, taking a break would be the better course of action, though that's just me.
2 years ago
You draw what you enjoy, there's nothing wrong with that.

People need to learn that just because you like drawing a certain subject matter doesn't mean that you want to talk about it.  If you feel you need a break, no one will blame you, but I personally feel you shouldn't quit outright just because you're approached by people who make you feel uncomfortable.
2 years ago
Taking a break sounds like a better option than quitting. Cuz if you like doing something like make art, then you can't let stuff like this stop you.
2 years ago
It's okay. I wouldn't blame you. Need a hug?
2 years ago
Other people don't get to tell you if you should be proud or ashamed of your art. Anyone who would give you shit from drawing what you like isn't someone who is worth your time or attention. Anyone who would make a prejudgement about you as a person based on what you draw is worth giving the middle finger to, but that's it.

Bottom line, keep doing what you enjoy. Foalcon doesn't hurt anyone, and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit.
2 years ago
Never question your artistic vision
2 years ago
Don't feel that you need to do something you're uncomfortable with. If you don't enjoy drawing foalcon art, you are under absolutely no obligation to do so. However, you are a wonderful artist, and I absolutely love everything you draw. If you were to quit entirely, it would be as though the fandom lost one of its most talented artists.

2 years ago
I suppose you could always just stop using this account and go SFW on a new one. I mean, your art has always been more adorable than sexy anyways, and I bet there's a lot of people who would love to see some desktop art in your art style. Maybe you could try comics, or something? Do whatever you like, man.

What you choose to draw determines your fanbase, and should be determined by your artistic desires. It should never any other way.
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