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The Outermost Void

This journal is not so much a journal as it is a role play. You know, like on a forum thread.

This is because only RP posts are supposed to go into the comments here. Absolutely no out of character conversation is allowed - that's what the OOC journal-thread-thingy is for.

I don't know of any rules that forbid me from making a journal comment based RP, so I'll just go ahead and freaking do it. If there is a rule against this that I don't know about, it would probably be best if you told me. Via Personal Message (PM), or in the OOC-thread-journal. Preferably with a link and a quote so I can verify your statements.

Everybeing is free to read this. Everybeing is free to ask permission to join (and nearly everybeing is welcome to X3). Nobeing is free to just outright join without permission. See my unauthorized comment policy. In nicely bolded, italicized, bright red letters. (Now with unbolded, unredded, unitalicised addendum!)

I'm the GM of this RP. We're playing by my rules. If that is a problem for you, just dont ask to join, simple as that.
was originally going to be the only player beside me, so I'm making him my co-GM. I'm only GM because he said I should be GM and he helped me create the game setting and everything, so he freaking deserves a position of authority over everybeing who wants to play with us in this setting. I guess I'll describe the setting later...

Someone has even already asked to join! This surprised me.
[name]Chunk1998[/name] has joined our ranks!
Aaaand he's already gone. =(

ADDED RULE: We're taking turns whenever we are interacting. Don't write a new post before the next players have completed their turns.

It would also be nice if your posts were novel style instead of this chat-similar style I've seen you use, but that's only a request, not a rule. You can keep using that, but it would be better if you wrote novel style. Got it? Okay.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
As the great Trylliardian ship floats immobile in the Nothingness of the Outermost Void and the Turbines drive a gentle relaxing hum through it, the captain of the said ship stares at the Huge void through the screen in front of him, observing the pure blackness, He starts talking to one of his capturees, a female... er, Unicorn thing...

Tavash: Say, Abby, Don't you just feel like going off and capturing something?
Abby: *Muffled noises through the gag*
T: Why do you wear that thing...
A: *Taking the gag off* Because it tastes like strawberries.
T: The hell are those?
A: Little red things that taste sweet like the gag.
T: I wouldn't know. Anyway, what do you think?
A: You're going to do it anyway so yeah sure.
T: Great...

*The ship suddenly shakes as the turbines repower and enter a Tinyverse, a universal bubble of space made form Dark Matter, some complicated stuff happens, and the ship, The Alservex, rips through to the nearest proper Universe, Skleryashk*
7 years, 8 months ago
the small cargo ship "Voyager" would also slowly float through the space of the universe "Skleryashk"
Apregius: Eurghh, this is so boring!, I'd die for some company.
*Another ship coming up on the ships detectors,*
Apregius: Oooh, what do we 'ave here?....
7 years, 8 months ago
Careen was running from an unknown, unseen foe as fast as her legs would carry her. She didn't know how she knew he was even there. She didn't know why he was chasing her. She only knew something terrible would happen if he ever got her, and the she couldn't possibly afford to look back, as that would risk stumbling. And even if she didn't stumble and fall, she would still automatically run slower, and there was no way she was going to take that extra risk! So she galloped through the blinding light of the sunlit, flowery meadow, using all the strength she could muster.
Suddenly, a horrible abomination appeared out of thin air right before her, too close to stop or dodge! It shone brightly in the broad daylight, its skin, or scales, or whatever it was covered in, refracting the light in all the colors of the spectrum, and it let out an ear-piercing screech! The monster leaned back, raising its monstrous appendages high in the air, ready to crush her like a tiny, insignificant bug, never once interrupting its dreadful screech! Reality seemed to blur as the scared pony stopped in her tracks, unmovingly watching the terrible creature's huge appendages approach, coming closer and closer as reality got blurrier and blurrier, and then finally...

...she woke up to the horrifying screeching of her alarm clock! She punched the dreadful thing off its little bedside cabinet and into the wall, where it made an icky wet crunching noise and fell to the ground, seeping red, metallic smelling blood.
What a nightmare!

A few microcircles later she had forced herself out of her warm, comfortable bed and was standing in the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror, who smiled back at her. Time for her morning shower and for brushing her teeth! (But not actually in that order.) As a pony, brushing one's teeth isn't easy, unless one has either somesapient else's help or can use magic to levitate the brush. Of course, science had devised several good alternatives to brushing one's teeth, but Careen had learned enough magic to easily levitate the toothbrush with enough speed and precision, plus it was good training and she liked the feel of the brush and the taste of the toothpaste, so it was her preferred method of cleansing her mouth.

A little more than a hundred millicircles later she had eaten breakfast and was in front of the clinic. She was going to be well in time for her morning appointment!

"The fuck is this shit?!", grouched Captain Thundercrack, staring disgustedly at the screen.
"Looks like a ship, sir.", was the answer of his apperantly retarded human inferior.
"No shit, Sherlock. What the flying fuck is clicks long alien ship doing in middle of our fucking country?"
"Heck if I know, sir."
The Captain facepalmed. "Any word from command?"
"Yes sir, they're sending ships and planes to attack, should it be necessary. And they are trying to communicate with them. We're supposed to get our ship ready, as well."
"Is Necrocyte on the Ghastly Nightmare?"
"No sir."
The comm operator startled heftily, and immediately did as he was told, forgetting to confirm the order. What a fucking amateur, Thundercrack thought. How did someone like that even GET into the fucking Military? The people they hired these days!
"He's on his way, sir!"
Steven didn't bother to tell the comm op about his blunder, figuring it was too late for this guy anyway. He would recommend firing the guy in his next report and hope command would show some fucking sense for a change.
"I'm off as well. Would be a shame if I wasn't on my ship when shit hits the fan."

7 years, 8 months ago
Careen entered the room and was immediately grasped by a massive host of blackish-purple, shiny, slimy tentacles, pulling her in and roughly closing the door behind her. Her legs were spread in four opposing directions away from her body and a thick tentacle forced its way into her mouth while a host of smaller ones slipped into her anus and vagina, covering them in slippery slime. Her body was suspended on another tangle of tentacles, wrapped around her stomach. She blushed and sucked on the tentacle in her mouth.
After the creature was done lubing up her geninals, a larger insertion tentacle was shoved into her vagina and slowly pushed further in, until it reached her uterus. Of course, this wouldn't usually be possibly, since strong, not consciously controllable muscles block the way in there. But this creature was specialized in getting this type of tentacle to reach this a suitable cavity, paving its way with a strong muscle relaxant, among other things.
The sensation this caused was nearly undiscribably intense. It was as if Careen's entire body was on fire, except instead of feeling terrible agony, she was in ecstasy! Her entire being was nothing but unbearable pleasure. Despite that, she could feel every single one of the five eggs the creature shoved into her, as each was accompanied by multiple world shaking orgasms. She bit down on the tentacle in her mouth, breaking its skin and drinking the slightly sweet, thick ichor that poured from it.
When it was all over, she was lying on the ground, breathing heavily and with tears streaming from her eyes, but a big, fat smile on her face. Oh, how she loved the insertion process! How she loved incubating these tentleem eggs! The sheer intensity of it always drove her to tears. And the feeling of giving life to these eggs always filled her with a sense of accomplishment, like she was really making a difference, like she was really HELPING these people.
The tentleem woman lowered her body to the ground and let go of the grips on the ceiling. "Are you alright, dear?" The tentacled creature asked. "Yes'm. Jus' need' sum resd.", breathed Careen. "I did not overdo it, miss caretaker? You are sure you are alright?" The tentleem wanted to be really sure. How nice of her! "Was really good, miss Terridan, i asshure u." She really did need some rest, though. Receiving tentleem eggs was very exhausting.

Lieutenant Commander Colin Necrocyte's cellphone rang, violently broadcasting a specific ringtone reserved only for his military superiors. It was also the only ringtone it was currently allowed to broadcast, since he was in a meeting with two of the doctors he was supposed to recruit for the Ghastly Nightmare, the very first true voidship of the country of Sharaeya, and presumably even the entire universe.
He fumbled his designated cellphone pocket open and pulled the comm device out with telekinetic magic.
"Lieutenant Commander Necrocyte speaking?"
"This is comm op Sengai speaking on behalf of Captain Thundercrack. You are to report to your ship immediately. An emergency has come up."
Colin's irises and pupils shrank to near nonexistence. What kind of emergency could possibly require the presence of an experimental void vessel? A terrifying one, that was for sure!
"I'm on my way." He spoke into the phone, hung up and needed a few hundred nanocircles to compose himself before addressing the two docters who were in the room with him. "Doctors, meeting's canceled. I need a fast vehicle to confiscate for immediate use, to be given back later. I need a ride to the ship I was talking about, and I ideally need it microcircles ago!"
7 years, 8 months ago
Apregius would hear this radio signal through the ships communication systems here,

Apregius: I dont know who or what the fuck im talking too, but I wanna speak to whoevers in charge, Asap!

His words echoing through the somewhat empty ship,
7 years, 8 months ago
The sound sounding slighty strange here.
7 years, 8 months ago
As the noise hit the Alservex, The ship seemed not to be able to snap itself into any dimension, The Dead Abyssal Black covering of the ship distorting itself as the Turbines were snapping it into the Quantum of this Universe. The ship would suddenly stop distorting and emit a loud noise as if a billion bass speakers just roared with one tune. The tremendous vibration would shatter every crystalline object up to 2 miles away.

Tavash was doing one of his shows again.

Abby: God no, not this again...
Tavash, to the military, through the giant diaphragm that the ships Rudder was: *In a cheery amplified voice* Why Hello, Sha-Ra-Ey, did I say that right? I hope I did. I think you'll be happy to know, I'm here to cheerfully and obliviously abduct some of you. Isn't that right Abby?
Abby, through the exact same amplifier: *In a normal bored voice* Yes Doctor, Whatever.
Tavash: Oh be a little more Enthusiastic. Anyway, as you heard me, I'll take your stuff now. Greetings from Trylliardon by the way. Enjoy some Hyperian music while you're at it. *It would play "I feel good" by James Brown, yes the human guy*

The gigantic Alservex would land on the ground, crushing it flat with of it's 3 Landing legs, each 90 metres long with a 30x30 foot. The until now apparently Unarmed Gargantuan ship would slide out 2 Gigantic Energy cannons which would both simultanously fire right in front of the ship, incinerating a gigantic hole in the surface of whatever it's sitting on. The beak of the ship would suddenly glow as a machine inside it activated, trying to force sharaeyan ships, one of them the Ghastly Nightmare, to power themselves up on their own and start slowly advancing towards the Alservex along with around 12 random soldiers suddenly starting to shuffle towards the legs of the ship.

Tavash slowly walks out of the foot of one of the legs of the ship, wearing nothing but a labcoat and the helm he uses to control the Alservex and holding something that looks like a Golden Eagle pistol.

Tavash: *Still amplified by the ship* Well well, what do we have here. Come here cowards... I'm in an excellent mood to capture you and lock you up in cages!

Abby would walk out behind him, a dark Cyan Unicorn with Red and blue hair, standing right beside him.

Abby: So what now, You capture them and we go back to Falzar or are we doing something else?
Tavash: Get back into the ship if you really have no intentions of doing anything.
Abby: Fine... *She would walk back into the ship leg, and back using the lift to the Cockpit*

Tavash: Listen up, cause I'm only saying it once, Either I use these two ships and this zombified little batallion of your men against you, or you come out of your own free will and come with me. Is that good? Oh and, Nice little ship. I hope it has a pilot, because otherwise, That thing won't last a second in the Void. *He would take off his helmet and kick it back into the elevator inside the leg as he reloads this apparently human made pistol*

Tavash would stand there, along with the pistol which in reality is a tiny handheld version of the ships cannons, he would wait for some kind of Answer or Retaliation.

Tavash: COME ON! Did anyone even hear me?!
7 years, 8 months ago
Command was buzzing like a beehive with activity. Generals and other high ranking officers were debating heatedly and occasionally barking orders into a comm terminal or at a lower ranking officer physically present in the war room.
The reason for all this was simple, yet almost inconceivable: No less than TWO completely unrelated alien ships had suddenly appeared in Sharaeyan skies: a clicks long aggressor that was going to abduct Sharaeyan citizens (not going to happen on the watch of ANY of the present officers!) and a so far unaggressive ship that demanded to be "taken to your leader!", so to speak.
This was unprecedented. In the entirety of recorded history there had never been so much as ONE alien vessel within the spheres of influence of any known Skleryashkan civilization. And now there were TWO, all at once, and they were unrelated to each other!
The officers at command had spent the last 20 microcircles mobilizing the available forces on the surface to face the threat of the aggressive ship. The general consensus was that its commander, only known as "The Doctor", was to be captured, if possible. So was his ship, along with this "Abbey"-person, whoever she was. But civilian lives would, of course, take priority over either of that, so destroying or disabling enemy weapons was to take absolute priority. Especially those huge spell cannons that had fired an energetic conversion spell, turning matter into black clouds of qickly escaping energy, presumably into the void.

One general had taken to the duty of answering the so far unaggressive alien ship: "This is the Sharaeyan Military speaking! You are rapidly approaching Sharaeyan airspace! Identify yourself and state your intentions!", he said. It was odd, the ship was using a rare and mostly obsolete form of communication: Electromagnetic waves. Basically, it was light, just far below the frequencies of the visible spectrum. It was also known as "radio". The most common comm systems nowadays used telepathy, or other magical technologies.

Captain Thundercrack was standing in the command center at the core of the Ghastly Nightmare, waiting for his Pilot to arrive. Whose idiotic idea was it to send the freaking pilot to recruit civilian personnel, anyways? He understood why civilians were to work on his ship (Necrocyte's ship, he scolded himself, command had made clear that the ship belonged to the pilot that had bonded with it, not to the captain commanding it), but what a dumb idea to actually send him to a clinic to personally recruit some doctors! What if some emergency happened and the help of the Ghastly Nightmare was needed (which, he might add, had actually just freaking happened!)? Then the ship would be nigh useless, since its most powerful weapons were dependent on the freaking bonded pilot!
7 years, 8 months ago
He had, of course, ordered to wait for the pilot. Obviously, this was the logical thing to do.
Which is why it really freaking pissed him off when the ship started its downpull cutters (Skleryashkan equivalent of anti-gravity) and lifted off using its maneuvering rockets. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?", he yelled at the AuxHelm (auxiliary helm) station.
"Sir, the ship is out of control! This is not my doing!", the AuxHelm officer responded, obviously in distress.
"But then how..."
The captain used his magical sense and immediately detected the enemy spell. At the same time, the CommOp telemessaged (telepathically messaged) him: "Sir, the mages have detected..."
"I know! Get them to break the spell!", he interrupted in the telepathic link.
"Yes, sir!"
"Raise the shields.", he said out loud, adressing the DefOp (defensive management operator).
"Sir, we don't have access... wait, it's back, raising shields, sir!"
Thundercrack smiled. "Get this baby back on the ground, we are waiting for someone."
"Way ahead of you, sir!", replied the AuxHelm. Steven was smiling smugly. Maybe this mission wasn't going to be so bad. His crew seemed actually competent, at least.

Lieutenant commander Colin Necrocyte was flying an ambulance through the Faintview Five ascension tube to the surface, and into the sickly green haze of the surface atmosphere. The Great Circle was glowing in its characteristic pale white, as always. He still had a few clicks (click, in case it wasn't clear, is a military term for kilometer) to fly before he would reach the shipport where his ship (his ship! he still couldn't believe how lucky he was!) was stationed, but he made sure to reach out for one of the relevant CommOps early: "This is Lieutenant cammander Colin Necrocyte, I have been summoned to my ship, the Ghastly Nightmare. I'm currently flying an ambulance towards the Disra Four Military Shipport. Make sure I can get in instantly!"
"Yes, sir! Relaying order!" After a short pause, the CommOp contacted him again: "Alright, sir, get in through gate three, they'll let you pass unchecked."
"Good job! Coming in through gate three. Thank you."
"Just doing my job, sir."

Aboard the other ship that had been controlled by The Doctor, the Metalscream Bloodgrind, the realization of what had occurred came almost as quickly as it came aboard the Ghastly Nightmare. Yet, successful countermeasures seemed to just simpy... fail to happen.
In fact, there were no countermeasures whatsoever. The ship was left to the control of the despicable adversary that aimed to abduct helpless civilians from the surface of Shara-Athem, on (and in) which the great nation of Sharaeya was built. There was no noticeable ATTEMPT at breaking the spell.
Why was this? Did they not have sufficient magical power to break the control spell? Were they traitors? Were they simply stupid, or under the effects of mind control?
The answer was simple. Simple, but hopefully not too obvious.

One of the many CommOps employed by the Sharaeyan military was telecontacting the shambling and shuffling soldiers that were under the control of the unknown abductor, The Doctor. As it turned out, their bodies were being controlled, but not their minds. The CommOp relayed a few orders to the twelve controlled soldiers, then tended to other communication duties.

Another CommOp connected a high ranking general to the comm system, which in term was broadcasting to The Doctor: "THIS IS THE SHARAEYAN MILITARY. WE ARE READY TO NEGOTIATE. STATE YOUR DEMANDS."
7 years, 8 months ago
Tavash was somehow breathless for a few seconds, He could not believe that his plan was actually working.

Tavash: My Demands? Er... I erm... ABBY!
Abby through an implanted communicator: What?! I'm eating!
Tavash: They're asking me to state my demands! What are they?
Abby: Do you really fail that much? You're asking ME for help?!
Tavash: Yes...
Abby: You want their ship, 5 of their best smart-asses and a general, as you told me before we got here.
Tavash: Oh... *Turning off the communicator, back online on the ship amplifier* I Want one of your ships, 5 of your best Scientists and One of your Generals, All in front of the Hangar. Don't try to Attack, The shields are on. ABBY, TURN THE SHIELDS ON!

The Alservex would pulse suddenly, being covered in a completely translucent shield which only leaves a 1x1 μm wide on the beak to continue the slow shuffle of the several soldiers towards the ship and the Metalscream Bloodgrind advancing towards the Alservex hangar hull slowly.

Tavash would climb up into the Alservex foot and seconds later, climb out dragging a sleeping Chaos Angel, a Hyperian Human-like creature with giant wings aflame in pure chaos green. He would hit the Angel's Golden helm with the handle of his pistol, effectively waking the Angel up. The Creature would stand up, it's hand reaching for a Void Sword, a Sword Handle linked to the energy pack on the Angel's back, projecting a long Blade of pure Vortex matter, (although here in Skleryashk, an insanely sharp blade of Magic) able to cut through a large Atom if it was it's wielder's wish. The Angel would step down onto the ground on which the foot of the ship rested. It spread it's wings holding it's sword in front of itself, ready for defense even though it's stance would be better used for offense. The Angel said something uncomprehensible and almost facepalmed himself, realising he was not in Hyperion anymore.

Tavash: This is my friend, Dartur, He's here to slaughter you if you try anything like attacking me.
Dartur: Xav, You realise there's no Hyperian Gods here... I'm only as strong as this sword lets me be.
Tavash: And that's good enough. Your Hyper-Shouts would probably kill us all.
Dartur: ... Whatever, "Doctor".
7 years, 8 months ago
Towerside was a city built into a gigantic mountain, over 200 clicks in height and over 60 in diameter, only known as Tower Mountain. The city, despite being called Towerside, was built into the center of the pillar shaped structure, at about 100 clicks above the mountain's base. It was surrounded by a ring of military base, brimming with ginormous cannons, bunkers, airfields and even shipports, all hidden behind the concealing rock of the mountain, and protected by unfathomably large and powerful shield generators. The ring covered almost ten clicks along the altidude axis. It was one of the biggest strongholds in the known universe and had a conveniently good view of, among a fuckton of other locations, the Disrean Desert, and thus the titanic enemy voidship that had chosen to land there. The Disrean Desert was a rocky area full of cacti and other desert vegetation, and the whole area was easily in range of over 50 truly massive stationary cannons.
The ship had landed over 500 clicks from the impossible mountain, but the weapons of Towerside Base could still reach it with only marginal energy loss despite the distance.
And it was preparing to use them.

"Get me a full analyzis of that shield and send it to command for cross-reference. Then get me a copy of their results for our own benefit."
"Yes, sir!"
Steven was smiling again. Command wasn't so stupid afterall. It was obvious what was going on. And he completely agreed with their plans. "Necrocyte?", he asked.
"Should be here in about 18 microcircles. We prepared hangar four for him. Shield permeability is already adjusted to his vehicle and he is in the loop.", replied his CommOp.
"Excellent." The captain couldn't help but smile some more. Everything was going according to plan.

Command sent its answer to The Doctor: "WE NEED SOME TIME TO DECIDE."
Yes, time "to decide", hehe. To decide in which way they were going to trick and eventually capture him!
The generals were brainstorming:
"Okay, what assets do we have?" "Robots!" "Meat puppets!" "Criminals!" "There's an old, obsolete, decommisioned ship!" "How can we rig that to explode?" "Pack it chock full of explosives!" "No way, he can't be that dumb." "I know how these things work, we can just rig the ESU to explode. He'll never see it coming." (ESU: Energy Storage Unit) "Let's pack it full of battle robots and meat puppets!" "Why?" "Maybe we can overwhelm him with that." "Yeah, send him off with a bunch of fake scientists and a ship that will stab him in the back when he least expects it!" "Let's rig all that to explode, too." "Overkill much?" "There is no such thing!" "Hey, if all else fails, at least those things can blow him up." "What about our 'zombified' soldiers?" Dirty laughter filled the room for a few hundred nanocircles. "This whole exploding ship dealie is just a contingency plan anyways, in case they can't get him." "The actual explosion is a contingency in case the robots and puppets fail." "How fast can we get that ship ready?"
And so, the plans were being made. This "Doctor" was going to regret ever setting foot onto Sharaeyan ground!

(OOC: Woo! I'm actually within the character limit for once!)
7 years, 7 months ago
There would be a slow hum and a sudden flash of light as the Shields dropped deactivated somehow. The whole hull of the Alservex would lose it's Voidal Frictionless shine and turn a dull Beige colour. The Void turbines at the back of the ship would suddenly shut off their peaceful hum and the sides of the ship would once again reveal the cannons. Tavash suddenly ran back inside the ship, shouting some inaudible things, probably a lot of Fucks. His cursing and panic intensified when he noticed the streams of weaponized energy zipping past him, obviously aimed at him.


Dartur's Vortex Blade would cut out from working suddenly, causing him to run back into the ship. And not a second too late, as the door sealed shut right behind him and the ship's leg started retracting.

Abby: I can't control this thing Xevon!
Dartur: What in Sirun's Name is going on...
Abby: The Ship's Incontrollable, the shield generator's down, the Engines turned off and the Vex cloak incinerated! And they're aiming something at us... The only thing that seems to be working is the Cannons and the Fractal Vex in the Hangar. And the Cannons have a mind of their own!

They would hear a short series of progressivlely louder getting thumps, thuds and clanks from the still not fully retracted leg.

Abby: Aaaand, we're being boarded. By something that doesn't know how to hold on in magnetic elevators.
Tavash: Okay, Tavash, think, think! Right. We have Stuff Aimed at us, We've started a war of some sorts, Dartur's Sword is not working, We don't have any Hyperian Gods to help us, the Void Tryllion is in the Void, The only ship that's working is the Fractal Vex, I didn't get my coffee this morning and I'm pretty sure they're sending a crew to kill us. Is that not right?
Abby: No need for that Xevon, the Diaphragm of the Ship isn't working either, They can't hear you.
Tavash: Right.
Dartur: Tavash, I think it'd be a good idea to get on the Fractal?
Tavash: Probably, yes. Let's go there.

The entrance door would suddenly open and a humanoid creature in freakish armor would shoot streams of energy at Dartur.

Dartur: RAAAGH!
Dartur, Now angered by this humanoid thing shooting at him with an apparently very weak weapon, at least against his Vex armour, charges forward at the shooter, slamming himself into her before she can react, effectively crashing her into the wall, knocking her out. He would then proceed to sling her with her freak armour over his shoulder and carry her to the Fractal Vex.

Around 6 seconds later, on board the tiny, Quarter klick long Fractal Vex, How do I put it... All hell breaks loose.

Dartur: No need to get all wound up and Gordon Ramsey Xevon.
Tavash: Dartur! You only call me Tavash or Doctor, Kay? And I have no fucking idea who Gordon Ramsey is, so open the Hull, get back in here and let's get the fuck out of here...

Abby would reach for the Voidal Communicator to call for some support from the fleet and once the hole into the OV opens, the signal would be sent. That is if the hole opens.

The Excuse of a Voidship flies out of the Hull of the Alservex proceeding at a large speed towards Towerside as the Alservex's feet get sucked up into itself causing the Alservex to hover somehow as it's Two giant cannons force it to turn towards Towerside and slowly charge up from the massive amounts of dark energy in the Ship's tanks and slowly aim for Towerside. A short colourless circular gap would appear half a klick from Towerside, widening rapidly, revealing a hole to the vast Over-Void of the Outermost Void.
7 years, 7 months ago
"THEY'RE GETTING AWAY! SHOOT THEM!", screamed one of the suddenly and prematurely freed "zombified" soldiers, as the shield of the alien ship unexpectedly failed.
The soldiers regained their composure, aimed, and fired paralyzing spells from their five-barreled multirifles, but all of them infuriatingly missed, some of which just barely.
As the aliens had all escaped into their ship, all the soldiers darted off toward the entrance, using the flight feature of their battle armor.
But the damn leg was retracting!
One female human soldier made it onto the foot in time and was about to shoot her way in... as the door unexpectedly opened in front of her. She shrugged and entered.
*BONK!* "Ooomph!"
Riding the elevator up the folded leg was far more difficult than she had thought. And it hurt waay more than it should.
That meant her necrobiological armor must have cought a cold or something. This was the fifth fucking time this happened to her! And this kinda thing never happened to anyone else! FUCK! She could just never catch a fucking break!
When she finally arrived, tender all over from bonking into fuckin' everything, she aimed her multirifle at the biggest, most imposing target she could see: that weird winged figure.
He... didn't like it. Later, she would only remember a brutal scream and a big impact. She was knocked unconscious.

Shit was getting real at Towerside Base. The CommOps were busting their asses trying to keep up with all the mental information traffick from all over the side of the base that was facing the Disrean Desert. All the gunners and ScanOps were flipping their shit over the sudden awakening of the gigantic alien ship and the smaller attack craft that had split from it. Coordinating all these soldiers was not an easy task, but Towerside was incredibly important, and incredibly expensive to run, so the important posts, like CommOp, were all held exclusively by the best of the best, so they managed.
What the general commanding this preposterous base had been told was the following: The shield of the enemy ship had been deactivated, a smaller craft had emerged from it, this craft was going straight for Towerside Mountain, and the big ship was turning its spell cannons to aim at the base. Also, the Metalscream Bloodgrind was already trying to give chase to the enemy attack ship.
A whole bunch of the mages operating the spell cannons of the base had come up with similar spells to solve the more immediate problem of the ginormous enemy weapons. More immediate because one of the officers under the general's command was already taking care of the impossibly accelerating attack craft.
Basically, she just had to say "commence", and the plan laid out before her would be executed. She didn't even have to order the shields raised, since that had already been done as part of standard battle procedure.
So she did exactly that.
"Commence.", she ordered, calmly.
The plan was simple, yet of terrifying beauty, and it's execution was a symphony of precise timing and perfect coordination: two of Towerside Base's spell cannons fired a huge stream of arcanic energy (=magic) each at the now unprotected weapons of the enemy voidship, while two other cannons fired similar streams at a precisely calculated moment; aiming for the ground exactly under the alien vessel. The first two streams were cutting spells, specifically designed to slash the giant cannons clean off, the second set of streams were a feather fall spell that would catch the falling cannons and let them drift gently and harmlessly to the desert ground below.
All this, the conception and execution of the plan, including the time the spells had taken to travel to their destination, had taken less than 300 nanocircles.
The general loved it when she didn't have to do much in a battle situation. It told her she did her job right.
7 years, 7 months ago
Helmsstallion Lieutenant Commander Colin Necrocyte landed the ambulance safely in hangar four of Sharaeya's first proper voidship, the Ghastly Nightmare. He immediately jumped out the hatch and galloped as fast as his legs would carry him toward his destination: the command center, specifically the pilot's pool. But he would never reach it in this life...

Since the attack craft was already in capable claws, the next thing to do for the general of Towerside Base was taking the larger ship down. Or it would be, if it wasn't for the fact that an immense explosion was currently annihilating the entire base and incinerating an incredible 15 000 kilometer sphere, ripping a giant hole into the skin of the very ground, the massive entity known only as Shara-Athem. The Athem were the creatures that served as the ground for all smaller life to live on, and this one was now in immense pain.
A massive shriek, imbued with similarly massive amounts of the power of the Athem, ripped apart all life within 100 000 kilometers of the injured god-creature, except other Athem. But it didn't just destroy their bodies. Their spirits were destroyed completely as well.
And so the heart of the great nation of Sharaeya, as well as the entirety of the less great nation of Shara'asta (located on the other side of Shara-Athem), were destroyed. This day was the downfall of Sharaeya in Skleryashk, as the whole government of the nation was destroyed. The colonies on other Athem would later found their own smaller nations.

50 000 years later
The sky had changed above the landmass that had previously been known as Shara-Athem. Where there had been a few smaller Athem just before sight cut off due to air impurities, there was now nothing but empty, green air. The pale blue inner ring of the Great Circle had reset to an entirely fresh fullcircle, or vanished completely (it was no longer possible to tell which it was). All ships and planes that had been in the air were now standing harmlessly on solid ground, completely drained of all energy, fuel and dangerous volatile substances. Including the Fractal Vex and the Alservex. All other ships and planes were also depowered, but their position hadn't changed.
All sentients that lived on Shara-Athem, as well as those aboard the Fractal Vex and all within 100 000 kilometers of Shara-Athem's surface, remembered a horrible pain, first from an impossibly loud noise, then from a horrible energy ripping and tearing at their very spirits, finally killing them and wiping them out as completely as they thought possible. Well, all that hadn't been incenerated by the initial explosion, that is. Those didn't remember the physical noise.
And yet, here they were, on their world-god-creature, alive as ever, and terribly confused.
7 years, 7 months ago
And as if in answer to their confusion, a telepathic message was broadcasted to each and all of them:
"Mortals, you have probably already figured out that you died. This is the afterlife. And yet, the very same world/reality/whatever-you-want-to-call-it you originated from. Go figure. What you thought was the very essence of your being turned out to be just another body for your minds to inhabit. Your true souls have been freed in your second death, releasing them into our custody. We decided to grant you the gift of a second life. A little under 84 000 fullcircles have passed since your demise. You are not far from your former home universe, you can travel there and thank Shara-Athem for killing most of you, if you feel so inclined. Or you can explore this new universe we made for you. Breathe some life into it, since we regrattably didn't have the resources to do so for you. By which we mean, we could only make a few inhabited worlds. We advise you to contact your new world entity. You will find her much more agreeable than Shara-Athem, we took care of that. We also hid some special gifts for you in several places scattered all over your new universe. You will have to go out there and explore if you want to claim them. If you want to thank us for what we did for you, just live good lives, that is all we want from you. That's it. Goodbye, fare well and see you later! Grow into a good and powerful civilization! The first gift is very close! ;3 Have fun finding them all!"
Well, that only somewhat remedied their confusion. Who were "they"? How and why did they do all this? Did they have ulterior motives? Why had everyone even died in the first place, or rather, why had Shara-Athem killed them? What would they call their new world-god? (Okay that was easy, they would just have to ask...) Would their nation change its name to match its new host? What had heppaned to the colonies, were they dead, too? Were they here?

There was one secret part for Tavash and his consorts alone: "For your death, you have no one to blame but yourself. Abducting sapient creatures to live in a ZOO is NOT an acceptable thing to do. Not even if you have stockholm syndrome, Abby! And bringing a ship that is THAT explosive is certainly not smart. I mean what did you expect? Seriously! The punishment for your transgressions will be having to answer to the last ones you disturbed with your abusive abduction attempts. Prepare to explain yourself to them. We are sure they will forgive you. Eventually. Don't worry, if they decide to kill you, and only if THEY decide to kill you, so no suicide >=P !, you will be reassigned to a new place. And we know for a fact they do not condone torture. Much. Have a nice day~! ^.^ Oh, and don't kill each other. It's pointless. The dead come back in the afterlife. ;3 Takes a while the first time, though. They'll have to find the first gift first."
They still had everything they had before their death, including an unconscious human soldier with diseased armor, and Dartur's vortex blade was even functional again! (It was, of course, deactivated, but if he would try to activate it, it would work.) Well, everything except for the fuel and any dangerous, world shattering materials that may or may not have been stored inside their ship, of course.
7 years, 7 months ago
Necrocyte was standing in darkness, too much so for even his typical Skleryashkan sensitive eyes to see anything. He decided to remedy that by creating a small orb of light. Other soldiers were doing the same. What had happened?
Then the telepathic message played.
Oh, so that's what that was. Darn. That was a shock. Dead. He was dead, yet alive. He had died the second death, the death of spirit, yet he was still there and could even travel back to his former world in this very ship of his, how weird was that? Should... should he have some kinda existential crisis? Hmmm... why? Actually, that seemed kinda silly. He felt fine, everyone was still there... what had he lost? Nothing, really. He noted the oddity of situation again, and moved on.
But why was he dead? Or rather, what had killed him? He didn't remember dying, only being ripped apart by a psychic scream after he was already dead! That had fucking hurt. He hoped he'd never experience that again! Well, whatever. He was still on the Ghastly Nightmare, even though it seemed to be out of power, so why not go to the command center like he had originally planned? He guessed there was no rush anymore, since everysapient was dead anyway. Not to forget, he couldn't fly the ship without power. So he decided to trot.
Wait, was he even in the military anymore? He had died, the contract never said anything about employment after death... everyone would have to figure this out. Figure out what to do now they were dead.

Thundercrack was sitting in his seat in the command center of the Ghastly Nightmare. Everything was dark and he remembered a horrible pain as his very being was torn apart by a psychic scream. Yet he was here, sitting in his chair again that he could swear was destroyed in a flaming inferno, along with the rest of the ship.
A few of the present officers made glowing orbs to illuminate the command center.
Then the telepathic message was played.
That's what he thought. He had died afterall, and who- or whatever had resurrected them had apparantly also given them their ship back, albeit with no power. So obviously, he had to get the power back on. "CommOp!", he demanded.
No answer.
"COMM OP!", he insisted.
"Wha-WHAT?", the CommOp startled.
"Pull yourself together and contact the tech mages. We need to get the power back on.", Steven ordered.
The communications operator hesitated.
"I said to fucking pull yourself together and contact the fucking tech department! We need power back on!"
"But... we're dead."
"So fucking what, you fucking... grr..." he gnashed his teeth and looked at him threateningly.
"I... *gulp*... our contracts never said anything about being bound even after death..."
"OBEY or LEAVE! Or I will. FUCKING! Tear your FUCKING! HEAD! OFF!"
"I..." He suddenly straightened in his seat. "YES, SIR! CONTACTING TECH DEPARTMENT, SIR!"
"Negative.", the captain interrupted, now calm again.
"Sir?" Now the CommOp was confused. Why would the captain his mind so suddenly?
"Your little... episode... has alerted me to an important problem that needs adressing. I'm guessing this very special kind of insubordination is not confined to just you. So adress the entire ship. I want them to know that they are still under my command, and that they will leave if they have a problem with that. And if they refuse to either obey or leave I will personally walk up to them, grab them, carry them to the nearest hangar and personally throw them out the hangar door."
The CommOp gulped again. "Yes, sir. Forwarding order to entire ship. The comm terminal is out, though, so it may take a while. Gotta do it manually."
"Very well. Glad not to lose you afterall, by the way. This crew seemed promising." He grinned smugly again. He did this quite often, the present crew noted.
"Thank you, sir. Getting to work now, sir."
7 years, 7 months ago
The general in charge of Towerside Base was utterly shocked. It was her fault they had all died. The alien ship had blown up when the cannons were shot off. The explosion had been so big that it tore a huge hole into the flesh of the world-god Shara-Athem, causing her to release a scream so intense it ripped everysapient's spirits apart. She had killed everysapient! It was all her fault! Her mind circled around these same thoughts for a while in the absolute darkness of the depowered base. Then the lights came back on.
The general startled on her pedestal as a CommOp contacted her: "General, we have managed to get the power back on. There were some complications with tech mages saying weird things about their contracts, and how they didn't extend until after death." The general's guilt peaked again at the mention of death, but she didn't interrupt. "We got them back to work quickly, though. Sorry it took so long, sir!"
"I-it's alright.", the general thought back. She didn't even notice the oddness of stuttering in her thoughts.
The CommOp, however, did. "General... is... is something the matter?"
"I... I killed all these people. You know why we died? Why we all died? Because I ordered to shoot the cannons off the alien ship. It... it's all my fault..."
"General, I... I don't know what to say... p-permission to speak openly? Sir?"
Her eyes teared up a little. "I... o-of course. P-permission g-g-granted." She was now physically shaking. What had she DONE?!
"General... with all due respect... and that is a lot, sir! But, again, with all due respect... you're being ridiculous, sir."
"There was no way you could have known it would have such devastating consequences. Besides, we're fine, aren't we?"
"I-i-i... what? But I... I did... what I did... I..."
"Sir! Pull yourself together! You are a GREAT general! No one blames you for their death! At least... no one in their right mind does. You couldn't have known! And we're all fine! Quit beating yourself up and return to your duties! I mean... sir general, sir!"
"I-i-i... you... you're right! I have duties to tend to! Let's get this base running again! Do we have contact to our new deity yet?"
His voice perked up at the general's reawakened enthusiasm. "Not as far as I know, sir. I'll find out for you immediately!"

Careen was in a clinic room taking care of some of her patients when the great destruction took her life, followed closely by the psychic scream of pain that ripped everysapient's spirits to shreds, including hers. When she awakened what felt like instantly after her destruction, she immediatly knew something was very wrong, but she put her hoof on it yet. And no, it wasn't that she was alive again.
The message came and went, but the horrible feeling stayed.
Then she realized what was wrong. Her belly felt too relaxed, too... empty.
Her eyes narrowed into thin points and her eyes welled with tears. Her eggs. Her eggs were gone. They weren't there anymore. Gone. Lost. Missing. Away. Gone.
No. This wasn't true. It couldn't be true. They couldn't be gone. It was impossible. NO. This was too horrible to be true!
Careen collapsed onto the ground, crying her eyes out. Her eggs were lost. no...
7 years, 7 months ago
What is on the other side of a mirror? Sapients have been asking themselves this question for ages, never finding a satisfying answer. Until finally, science found the answer: nothing. A mirror just absorbs and re-emits light, creating the illusion of a copy of our own world. This so very common phenomenon is called reflection.
But is it really just an illusion? Maybe a mirror can be seen as a window into another reality, so very similar to our own that we cannot possibly ever tell the difference, except for that one telltale: everything is... leftside right, or rightside left or simply... mirrored.

Now, what if there was a mirror that actually creates another reality? And furthermore, what if this mirror wasn't perfect, what if there was a tiny dent in it, a tiny hole in the silver coating that makes it reflective? What if a small part of the second reality was just... amiss?
In this REALITY MIRROR, there was a tiny dent. It caused the energy inside an energy tank to fail to exist, a ship to fail to explode, a god to fail to scream and a civilization to fail to die, eventually and inevitable splitting the copy from the original permanently. Cracks started spreading outward from the little dent, over time causing bigger and bigger changes, until eventually... the mirror just shattered completely. The copy was now a new original, sharing a past with the old reality, but not sharing the same future. Everything would be different.

(Click any of the two links to read what happens on the other side of the shattering mirror, 50 000 years earlier. They both lead to the same journal.)
7 years, 7 months ago
The Fractal Vex lit up, using all the energy it could encompass from the surroundings, the lights, communications, weapons chargers and coffee machine sprang back to life, but besides the gentle hum of Dartur's Sword handle, the ship was filled with Dead silence. Actually, Undead silence.

"What Have I done..." Was the first thing Tavash said, or well whispered. He then raised his voice, his crisp, low, somehow younger voice. "What Have I Done?! I KILLED US ALL! Oh holy Tryllion, oh fucking Sirun... We're all dead... And how much is 84 Thousand fullcircles?"

Abby would frown, her normally dangerous sounding voice now gentle and as if it was stolen from a Hyperian children's singer. "F-f-fifty Thousand Years..."

Tavash would collapse, all remaining life draining from his face, he would fall into some sort of unconcious state, or so it would seem, for he really fell into a Psionic Meditation, something only a Trylliardonian can do.

"Great", whispered Abby, "We're dead, it's been 50 thousand years, there's no fuel and no chance of rescue and Tavash is unconcious!"

"He's Meditating..." corrected Dartur, stuffing the sword hilt into the Vortex Engine Bag on his back.

"WHATEVER! HE'S STILL AS USEFUL AS NOTHING!" Exclaimed Abby. This gentle voice thing did not fit well with shouting.

"I think they want him to Apologise"

"Well then, wake him up."

"You know that's impossible right?"

"Yeah! I thought Apolluxians like you understood what sarcasm was."

"Oi you little Equine thing, While you're arguing here, we're DEAD, and She's Waking up."

"Who? That stupid little Human you caught? You need to realise sometimes it's better not to just take people you knock out."

"Whatever. I shall emphasize it again - WE'RE DEAD, IN THE FUTURE. Or whatever. But you're not realising one thing."

"What is that?"

"We're Not hopeless, we have things and options. We have Tavash's Pistols, your little magicks, my Vortex Blade, and most of all, Me. I'm a Chaos Angel. Remember that old saying, 'You only ever meet the same Angel, No matter how many times you live?' Well, Chaos Angels can live up to 3 Million Years old, and Apolluxian ones like me can live for 50 Thousand. They might think I'm still alive and look for us. We can be rescued, or we can always say sorry if that plan doesn't work."

"I prefer using the sorry one, I don't want to wait for whatever scum comes back to find the Fractal Vex and the Alservex."

"Your Call"

Tavash would snap out of his meditation suddenly and shout - "I GOT IT! I'll apologise!"

Abby would reply before Dartur could say anything else - "Duh, what do you think we've been talking about since you fell asleep moron?"

7 years, 7 months ago
"Sir, the aliens have power back on."
The general did a double take. "WHAT?!"
"The scanners say they have some kind of energy absorption unit. It won't be anywhere near enough energy to lift off or fire their weapons, but they have lights and communication."
"Communication?!" The genaral smiled, showing her little rodent teeth. "Contact them. I want to speak to them."
"Connecting... aaand DONE! Option should be on your screen."
The general checked her command terminal and found the option. She activated it and spoke into the machine: "Alien ship! You have fully functional and very large cannons aimed at you! You are under arrest! Surrender immediately, drop all weapons and armor and step out your ship with any physical grappling appendages raised above your head or otherwise in plain sight!"
She deactivated the comm sender and spoke to her CommOp: "Get me some troops to surround them! At least a hecto (one hundred)! Some tanks too, if you can get them powered up!"
"Forwarding order, sir!"
16 microcircles later, the attack ship would be surrounded with one thousand soldiers and ten functional tanks.
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