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Theme Break-down (General Information)

Hello everyone.

This journal is not about me having any kind of breakdown, but rather I wanted to break-down (outline) my interests and themes.

This is the general-audience break-down. For the more mature information, go here.



While I don't do requests, I may do contests / raffles, trades, or something of the ilk, to give people an opportunity to collab (aside from me soliciting to do some writing as a gift).

This will set the expectations for what themes I am, might be, and am not really interested in, writing.

Any theme not listed should be discussed so I can determine how I feel about it and add it to the appropriate place.

You may see a lot of entries, and that's just because I have no idea how much or how little information these things need. Since I'm all about transparency I figure being explicit is better than being implicit.


Themes of Disinterest

Let's get these done first so those who would turn away don't have their time wasted.

These are themes that I pretty much guarantee I'll never write under any circumstances. Please do not try to persuade or coerce me into writing these themes.

If I do happen to write one, it is of my own volition and does not necessarily open the floodgates on it.

* Male-homosexual or -bisexual romance
* Baby-life or -issues
* My Little Pony
* Occultism (as in a focus on occultism; occultism context relevant to the story or characters does not fall under this)
* Religion (as in a focus on religion; religious context relevant to the story or characters does not fall under this)
* Toddler-life or -issues
* Zombies


Themes of Ambivalence

This category lumps together themes that: I have not had enthusiasm for yet, I may not feel confident writing, I feel I probably need a better understanding of, or I haven't really decided if I like them or don't like them.

Please do not try persuading me to write any of these on my own or to include them in a story I'm already writing. That might just make me less inclined to write them on my own, if I even have the spark to.

However, if you're offering a trade or win a contest or something, these are things that I "can" write, but I won't necessarily say I'll be good or confident at them.

* Abuse and coping (in a general sense, some forms of abuse and coping I am better at than others); reconciliation
* Adult-life or -issues
* Aliens / Xeno
* Avians
* College-life or -issues
* Dragons
* Death, facing death (terminal illness), or impending doom (peril)
* Elderly-life or -issues
* Fatherhood
* Female-homosexual or -bisexual romance
* Gender-issues or -identity
* High school life or issues
* Horror
* Mystery
* Pregnancy / Motherhood
* Post-apocalyptic
* Sci-fi
* Surrealism
* Teen-life or -issues
* Thriller

Additionally, but not easily put into an alphabetical format:

* Any fanfiction or derivative work of an established canon, of either someone else's or official (i.e. Pokemon or Disney)
* Any non-furry anthropomorphism not listed (i.e. Avians, Aliens, Dragons, etc.)

Themes of Interest

These are themes I will actively write about, and which I am comfortable with / feel skilled at writing. You don't have to persuade me to write this stuff. You can if you want to, though.

* Adventure
* Child-life or -issues
* Elementary school life or issues
* Fantasy
* Friendship (esp. young or teenage)
* Love and Romance (esp. young or teenage, sexual-orientation themes apply)
* Maturation / Coming-of-age
* Middle school life or issues
* Pre-teen-life or -issues
* Psychological (drama, trauma, thriller)
* Sadness
* Slice-of-life

Additionally, but not easily put into an alphabetical format:

* Heavy characterization
* Long-running series
* Stories based off of pictures that inspire me
* Adaptations of stories that I like

Most importantly:

* Bunnies


Hopefully this information is valuable. Comment or PM if you have any questions, concerns, or if there is a genre / theme I have omitted.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
I'm glad you didn't have a breakdown. I've been worried...haven't seen you online in a while. We miss you. :(
6 years, 8 months ago
Just been away / busy.
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