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All commissions ==OPEN== (Current as of 2020)

Here's my commission info listed below:

Please read my TOS before emailing or noting me for a quote. If you ask for a quote It will be assumed you read over my TOS and agree to those terms: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ATfG3mZ5j0atZGdmNTNk...
(or here if the link isnt working: https://pastebin.com/ZvHvJQdv )

i will be open for commissions if anyone is ever interested in such. please send a note or email cakefrump[at]gmail.com for quotes.

Pricing varies per character, depending on complexity there may be an extra charge on complex characters.

Price bases:

Commission Prices

Sketches- 20$
simple background or none, monochrome colouring.  Additional characters are 10$

Incineroar by tanukeki

kirry by tanukeki
Rabbid Peach by tanukeki

Coloured pics  - 35$
simple background or none, flat coloured. Additional characters are 10$
detailed backgrounds vary in price

sylveon drone by tanukeki
Jolteon Drone TF by tanukeki

Shadow the Centaurhog by tanukeki
SEIPOREON by tanukeki

Shaded pics - 55$
simple background or none, flat coloured and shaded. Additional characters are 10$
detailed backgrounds vary in price

Hookah Inflation by tanukeki
dragon tf by tanukeki

udder slowpoke by tanukeki
V4PDR0N3 by tanukeki

Icons - 35$
Any character, coloured background
happy halloween-poke by tanukeki
happy halloween-pup by tanukeki

holiday pupper by tanukeki
Latex Braixen Smile by tanukeki

Sketch sheets 60$
single character, limit of 4 scenes.
+10$ for colour
Additional characters are 10$

Pocket TF?! by tanukeki

Paintings - 100$
simple background or none, Additional characters are 20$

Padded Pupper by tanukeki
smooch by tanukeki

erolunai icon by tanukeki
shiny mareep by tanukeki

Comic Pages -100$
single character, Additional characters are 15$
simple background or none, detailed backgrounds vary in price.
Text optional
+10$ per extra panel after 6 panels. (example: 7 panels would be 110$)
+15$ for shading

shoeshine, pawshine by tanukeki
girlscout cookies 3 by tanukeki

popplio joins the circus by tanukeki

Other - please ask

---as of 4/25/2019, extreme fetishes such as scat/diaperscat, death, rape, or extreme violence/extreme kinks will have a +25% fee added to the total.
I will notify you if your commission would be considered extreme
(commissions BEFORE this date will not be effected)


All prices listed are just a base price. Complex details, full backgrounds, more than one character, certain deailed characters, etc WILL cost extra. Just email or note me details and we can discuss pricing and etc.

I am also open for commissions not listed on here, these are just the more common questions I get. If you'd like to ask about anything not listed,or link me to a specific example in my gallery, email me and we can discuss it further.

please enjoy

Cakefrump @ Gmail.Com
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