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Terms of Service

If you are considering purchasing a commission from me please read my TOS, for the benefit of both parties. This TOS is subject to change at any time.

*I reserve the right to decline or refuse any commission request for any reason*

By commissioning me you agree that you have read my ToS and agree to all rules and information it contains.

EDIT: 1/23/2015- As of this date, upon completion of your commission I will only be sending files BY EMAIL ONLY. I require that you respond to the email containing your files stating that you have received the files.


I will not work with any persons under the age of 18. If you are not of legal age, please do not contact me for a commission, I will reject your request.

I will not draw any characters that are under the age of 18 in any adult or sexual or even vaguely mature situations. Nine-point-nine times out of ten, I will blatantly refuse to draw young characters. This is my personal preference as well as to abide with laws.

Any and all commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. If you would like to commission something for commercial use please contact me so we can discuss it. Commercial pieces are subject to different fees and/or pricing.

Absolutely Will Not Draw Ever.
I will never draw any underage characters or cubs, things involving diapers, scat, watersports, rule 34/copyrighted characters or franchises, any form of insect, use of illegal substances, and no apes/monkeys. This means I will not draw Pokemon or Digimon or other such things, even if it is a fan character/OC.

Payment Method.

Any and all payments are to be made through PayPal in USD only.  Upon taking your commission I will give you one or more rough sketches to choose from and will edit it to your liking. Once the rough sketch has been approved, I will request your paypal address and send you an invoice for the cost of the commission. This is the only method I will accept as payment for both ease of organization and to avoid mistakes.

Should you have won an auction being hosted by myself, payment is required within 48 hours of the auction's end. An invoice will be sent for the winning amount, if it is not paid, I will revoke your bid and move on to the next highest bidder.

Private Commissions.

I do not accept private commissions at this time. Any and all work completed will be posted to the corresponding gallery of my choosing, as well as Weasyl & in the case of mature work, I post my own submissions to e621. You may request your work not be posted on e621, but it will be posted on FA & Weasyl at the least.

If you request me to not post your commission until a certain date, I am more than willing to comply with that request.

If you are requesting art including a character that belongs to another user other than yourself, I reserve the right to request proof of permission for this, as well as contact the other party myself. If no permission has been given, I will not take on the commission.


I do not offer private streams for commissions. All streams will be conducted publicly, on my own time. If you wish to arrange for a specific streaming time due to time zone restrictions, you may discuss it with me and we shall see what can be arranged. Regardless of time, it will still be public.


You may not request a refund if I have gotten past the completion of linework for your commission. As payment is accepted upon the completion and approval of the rough sketch.

I reserve the right to refund you should I be unable to complete your commission, the refunded amount will be based upon the amount of work completed unless otherwise mentioned, this will go on a case by case basis.

Work in Progress Updates & Edits.

I will always provide a rough sketch upon accepting your commission. Any and all progress on your commission can be tracked on my trello account, which can be found on my front page, as well as here

You may request additional WIP shots at any time, but please check my trello before contacting me.

I will accept any edits that are within reason, such as adding glasses, claws, changing wings, hair, eyes, adding items as props, and so on. I will reject any change or edit that would require revising major portions of linework or coloring.

The Completed Product.

Upon completion of your commission, I will send you a small, watermarked .png version, and the full rez unmarked .png version. I no longer offer the .PSD file under any circumstance. If you need something edited, I will do it myself.

You may repost the "small" version of your image to IB or any other website where you have an account, but you must credit me for the image.

You may NOT
 Have your image edited by another artist, for any reason. If you want something changed or added to your commission, ask me, and I will do it myself.
If you wish for small details changed, this will be done free of charge
If you wish for an alternate version of the already completed image, it can be done for a small fee.
If you would like to add color to a lined piece, there will be a charge appropriately for the level of color to be added.

Please direct any questions to me at crimsondragoon12@gmail.com
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