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Story Commissions

Pricing Information:
Pricing for writing commissions will be by the word. Ultimately, pricing scale is on a case-by-case basis, but here's a general guideline for you to look at. All prices rounded up to the next cent on totaling.

Up to 10,000 words: 1/2 cent per word (up to $50 USD)


Will you pad the story to get it up to the next pricing block?

NO. I hate putting in unnecessary words, it ruins the quality of my writing.

My story's at 3002 words! Do I have to pay the extra pricing per word?

Borderline word counts are negotiable. I'll try to be lenient.

I have this great idea for a novel...
NO. JUST NO. I'm working on three novels/story arch of my own, I will not put those on hold to write an entirely new one just for you. Besides, the pricing for that kind of commitment (50,000+ words) is going to break your bank, I guarantee it.

Will you write fanfiction on commission?
NO. For one thing, my repertoire of fandoms is limited. For another, I have personal, moral issues against making money off of fanfiction.

I have a completely original character and would like you to write with them. Is this okay?

YES. By all means! I'll need a rough physical description and a detailed personality description, possibly even with a bio.

Can you write me a story based on one of your characters?
If it's in-character for them, then YES. Gimme ideas, I'll happily use them!

Will you pair up my OC with one of your characters?
I will TRY. If your character is just not a good match with mine, I'll let you know right off the bat.

Could you write so-and-so's original character with one of mine or yours?

If I can positively obtain permission from the character's creator, then sure. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to turn it down.

What kind of stories do you write?
I write Current era, historical, swords and sorcery, or science fiction settings, realistic or fictional places, any rating from G to XXX.

Acceptable sexual content includes Straight Sex, Lesbian, Transgender, Hermaphrodites, incest, cubs, loli, bondage, sex toys, Domination/submission, Master/slave or Mistress/slave, Master/maid, impregnation, clothing fetishes, cross-dressing, girly-boys, first timers, public sex, harems, strippers, prostitution, rape.

While I certainly will write cub/loli/shota material, I don't  write sexual material involving infants, toddlers or babyfurs. If the characters are younger than 6 I will  not write sexually oriented stories. As a rule I will not write characters outside the 3-5 year age gap. This means I will not write Adult/Cub works.

What won't you write?
I do not write scat, water-sports/piss play, inflation, hyper-sized genitals, diapers, mindbreak, toilet training breaking, gross content, Adult/cub.

So how does this work?

You tell me about what length of story you want, what genre, what characters, and a loose outline, then make a 50% down payment on the story. I type it up, give you up to three paragraphs at random as well as the final word count and total, and you send me the remaining payment via paypal before I give you text file.

Will you be showing my story off to everyone else?

Having a portfolio of stories built up looks good to a potential new buyer. However, if you're really uneasy about the story you paid me to write being up for public viewing, there is an additional 10% non-publishing fee.

I would really, really appreciate it if my followers passed the word on. I'm not terrifically popular, but if I can get just one or two commissions to show off what I can do, I'd love you guys forever <3
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>.>  i will pay you keep working on our story
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