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Live announcements, IP address control, Fast notice removals

Hi everyone

The Big Stuff

The important things in this update have already been discussed in a previous journal that we quickly put up after the changes went live a couple of days ago.

This journal is the official site update announcement so it contains the same info but also a bit more detail about everything else that was changed (see Other Updates below).

* Added: We have a new Live Site Notice announcement system. Anyone with IB site pages open will receive an instant notice at the top of the screen, even without reloading the page.

It will be used mainly to announce when the site is about to go offline or if there is an immediate security issue that may effect your account. It will not be used to announce regular site journals (like this one).

* Added: We have added a way to restrict access to your account by an IP or IP range. This is for advanced/technical users only. It is a powerful security feature that allows you to control what IP addresses are permitted to log on to your account and to make requests using your session id / cookies. Any account protected by an IP range limit will be much much harder to compromise by password guesses, cookie theft and all the usual direct account attacks.

To set up the IP access control for your account, click the Account option in the menu and choose IP Range. Note that this is for advanced users only and that your IP could change unexpectedly any time (and lock you out of your account!). API users should note that the IP range limits restrict access to connections via the API too.

* Changed: We have changed how Notice removal works on the Notices page. The previous method made you wait for each removal to save back to the server, which slowed things down if your connection wasn't superfast. Now we allow the Notices to be removed instantly from the page but we have a loading icon telling you when all the removal requests have been saved.

Other Updates

* Added: We now have an "Inkpony" banner, which is a gift to Inkbunny from
, with art by kerijiano and cloud vector by
. https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=114672

* Changed: The Character Sheet submission type is now more obvious (a checkbox to enable it shows on submission edit). It will send you to the Character Sheet Edit page when the character sheet type is first assigned to a submission. You can then edit it again later by clicking Character Sheet link on the submission page. You can turn any submission into a Character Sheet at any time.

* Optimised/fixed: Found an image tag that has a blank source (src=''). This is a horrible and common bug on websites that actually causes the image to try and load the whole page again as the image source data. Users wouldn't notice this but it causes the server to do all the work of generating the page twice, every time you try to view it. Unfortunately this bug was in an image tag inside the BBCode buttons widget, which means it occurred on any page the BBCode buttons (bold, italic, link, etc) appeared on. That included Submission and Journal pages, which are the most visited pages on this site. Load averages are now much lower since fixing the issue!

* Changed/fixed: We made the “remember to set up your account” box that shows to new users easier to read. It used to be green which made the grey text very hard to see. Now it's dark grey with white text.

* Fixed: A "thumbnail mimetype" error would always show when uploading Hi Res sales files if you didn't attach a custom thumbnail. Thankfully the upload would still succeed, regardless, so the bug wasn't a major one.

* Changed: The “login failed” message now reminds users that the login might be failing due to IP restrictions they set up on their account.

* Added: Added a link for the site favicon.ico to the top level site dir because some browsers and mobile devices expect it to be there. For some reason many of them ignore where we tell them it is via our html head tags. (It actually lives in our static images dir where it makes sense for it to be, but a symlink fixed the problem).

* Added: Other minor optimisations and fixes.


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Added: 10 years, 10 months ago
Site News Item: yes
10 years, 10 months ago
Let's block :þ

BTW i hope the private network ip's are already blocked by default D:

Also, no IPv6 support? Wut? D:
10 years, 10 months ago
Well you can't block IPs with that feature, you can choose certain ones to allow to access your account. By default all IPs are allowed for every account if you don't touch the feature.

Our site doesn't have a real IPv6 address yet. :P
10 years, 10 months ago
Consider some form of timeout/expiry mechanism and admin-level kill/cancel mechanism for the new announcement feature.

As for IPv6, this is mostly server-side for how the site deals with it, but any code that deals with IP-level functions within the IB software should (I would think) be easy to add as running parallel or alternative to normal IPv4 when needed, and should be possible to wedge in, depending on how modular your code is for the site.

10 years, 10 months ago
Already have the timeout and we can dismiss the notice from everyone's windows when a notice is no longer required. There's a countdown system too which anyone online will see next time we're about to shut the site down. :P

IPv6 support will be easy for the filter system. The module I used just didn't happen to support it but I can find one that does.
10 years, 10 months ago
" inkbunny wrote:
Added a link for the site favicon.ico to the top level site dir because some browsers and mobile devices expect it to be there.

Don't you love standards?  Especially how everybody loves to ignore them and make your life harder?  Huzzah!
10 years, 10 months ago
With no actual evidence to the contrary, I'll glare at Microsoft. It's a good bet.
10 years, 10 months ago
Good call!  Stupid Microsoft.
10 years, 10 months ago
Just keeps getting better and better. ^_^ Thanks for the hard work. =3
10 years, 10 months ago
Cool stuff. :3

Yeah the inkpony is cute :3
10 years, 10 months ago
sounds great. Thanks for fixing issues like the thumbnail error!
Thanks for putting all this effort into our favourite pink bunny :D
It's not just the community and art what makes this site so great - the admins are awesome, too!
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