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Previously known as Blaze13.
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Blaze and the Chosen Ones
I just wanted to share the intro to a story I just started. Not sure if I want to go full novella or just keep it a short installment in a potential series... Any thoughts, critiques, and suggestions ...
3 years, 1 month ago
Logan | Male | 25 | Bisexual | Uncontrollable Flirt | Pisces/Aquarius Cusp | USA

Hey guys I'm Logan! I'm just a fun lovin' crazy guy with ADHD who happens to love furry art and fanfiction. I started writing a long time ago but only just recently got introduced to world of furries. I love to write about anything really but my favorite genres are fantasy, horror, drama, and of course most of it will be anthropomorphic! I'm still getting the hang of things but hope to start posting a few of my short stories and maybe even some poetry too if I'm feeling extra artsy haha I will also post art from time to time--most likely something that inspires me in some way or something that I just thought was awesome/cute/sexy/badass/creative (Note: I do not claim ownership for and of the artwork I post unless otherwise stated and will do my best to tag the artist when I can, and at the very least give credit) . If you ever have any questions or even a request for anything I'm open to talking about it all, and will do my best to read everyone's messages and comments. Thanks for visiting my page!


Also for those who wanna know here's a little more about my furry persona:
(I apologize that I don't have a reference sheet but yet but I'm working on it!)

Name: Blaze
Species: Folf (Black Wolf-White Kitsune Hybrid)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Coloring: Black, White, and Electric Blue
Markings: Electric Blue Tribal Tattoos
Height and Build: 6' 1" and Muscular
Abilities: Foxfire and Illusion
Personality: Extrovert, Charming, Confident, Laid Back and Fiercely Loyal

*Note: If anyone wants a more detailed description I would be happy to share the intricacies or post it if I get enough people asking for it.*
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