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The Wolverine: My Review

The Wolverine was hyped to be the movie every fanboy wanted.... the Wolverine movie we all wanted to see for so long and never got. Well sorry to say, but the expectations were low being they've screwed up so severely in the past. It came as no surprise to me when in the trailers they had already given away that they drastically changed the beloved and timeless first huge story of Wolverine into some Hollywood bastardization. HOWEVER, I still had hope that I could at least enjoy it.

Now to the actual movie. There was not enough action in it. Wolverine really didnt get much of a chance to shine, I feel. Sadly, the story was slow moving and dull in many places. It had moments of cool Wolverine action, but far too few.... I felt that everyone else BUT Wolverine got a chance to shine. Hell, even Famke Jansen shined brighter in the movie. So really, the movie as a whole made me go "meh". It wasnt horrible, but it was a far cry from what was promised. In other words, I shall stick to the comics, True Believers. Too much was changed in the movie and I lost interest only half way in. I watched the whole thing though and was PRAYING that it would get better, praying to the gods of Marvel that the story would pick up. Sadly, it did not.

My rating of The Wolverine comes in at three out of five stars. Average. I felt more of a Wolverine connection in X-Men: Last Stand (where Wolverine shined more). Sorry, but Marvel, you let me down... AGAIN!
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
Be a while before I see it but I would recommend  "Two Guns"  Even if some of the best spots were in the trailers and the movie had only a decent story like.  The action and wit more than made up for it.  It was funny while at the same time entertaining.  Sadly though I kinda knew the whole story before I walked in the door just from a few trailers.  Only thing I know is that in real life people aren't that good all the time with witty remarks but hell it was entertaining!
5 years, 8 months ago
The bones out of the hands shit was dumb. And I havent even seen it.
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