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Examples of Aladdin parody chapters

You'll see a full plan before I ask for donations and auction stuff, but for now, here's a few examples of the first four scenes/chapters in the story.


Scene 1 (Equivalent to night in the desert at beginning of movie)
Kinks: Musk, Spontaneous Orgasm

Aqila waits with Mahdi at a pair of horses, both of them shrouded in darkness, without their faces seen. They are greeted by a rat, a thief that they hired. Both slightly out of breath, the cobra and parrot greet the thief, asking if he has what they asked for. He says that it took many nights and many beddings, but he has it, and holds out a vial. The cobra asks for it, and he smirks, asking for his reward, eyeing her up and down. The parrot approaches and punches him, taking the vial before it hits the sand, and carries it back to the cobra, who promises the rat he’ll get what’s coming to him. A brief mixing of different vials results in a spirit summon, a ghostly presence that leads them on a high speed horse chase. Arrive at a rising mouth, the spirit sliding into it like a meal. The creature asks who approaches the Tunnel of Treasures, the rat is forced to step forward and answer. He is warned against touching anything, even himself, and then the mouth holds open. Rat makes it a little way in before stopping, his eyes going wide, his pants lifting with an erection. In seconds, just a little way in, he touches himself, cave collapses around him, whole place reeks of musk as the place disappears. Mahdi and Aqila say they need someone with better self control...or at least who’s less horny.

Scene 2 (Where aladdin flees from the guards with bread)
Kinks: Public nudity, mild foot fetish, slavery, auctions, voyeurism

Mus’ad is running through the alleyways of the city, pursued by one of the chain gang units of the guards bent on arresting and putting into labor those that are homeless or vagrant in the city. Usually means going into the slave trade if one is picked up, and that can mean less pleasant things. The prostitute dragon rushes through alleys and over roofs, his ragged clothes showing off several things. He taunts the guards here and there, including tea-bagging them and - at one point - wiggling his feet in their face after knocking them down, but mostly spends time running. Dashes through the homes of a few clients, helped by some, hindered by others, flashes of nudity and fun and recalling sexy times. Eventually gets away by stripping a guard out of his pants, leaving the horned lizard naked around the slaves on a rooftop auction, and more or less ziplines away. End with the sight of a royal procession going through, a princess (Elephant) going by on a litter. Intercept guards trying to hurt a few foreign urchins (auctionable?), get brought before elephant princess, kicked to ground, watch them enter the palace.

Scene 3 (Aladdin’s trip home scene)
Kinks: Prostitution, slavery, anal, public nudity, exhibitionism,

Returning home, Mus’ad passes by some of the standard households in the city. Give the people a look at how normal people live, and the appearance of slavery with some of the foreigners that live in the area. More than a few sex slaves seen in the richer part of the city near the palace, but far less as one leaves that segment. The dragon passes through several alleyways to avoid the guards, noticing a full slave auction going on, where the males are fondled and stripped, their bodies shown off to the fullest. Watches as several foreigners like himself, as well as lizards that are native to the city, are shown off to the crowd. One bought and fucked on the stage. Makes his way home to a ruined building, to find a customer of his waiting outside. A visiting merchant that had gotten his name from the running around earlier. Takes the (auctionable) upstairs, and gives him some fun.

Scene 4: (Jasmine’s introduction and departure)
Kinks: Voyeurism, fondling, masturbation, spying, foot fetish

Rewind time to the palace. Saif, the lizard sultan, is chasing after the elephant who is flouncing off from the library where she was to meet the prince. He asks her what the meaning of this is, and she mutters something about the prince being too shy for his own good. She walks off with clothing disheveled, but no scent on her of having been touched. The warrior Sultan goes to see his son in the library. Commence argument, including a point where a table gets flipped over, about the son’s need to marry and start working on getting trained for rulership, as well as making an heir. Saif leaves his son Khalil alone in the library. Brief scene between Aqila and Khalil, the advisor cobra comforting him, telling him that there will always be another chance. Brief fondling that makes Khalil uncomfortable, and then she disappears. Stay with Khalil, learn he’s gay and thus not interested in females, but is too afraid to tell. Move to night, where Khalil is spying on the guards’ bath (volunteers), watching the men bathe and be naked with each other. The prince is sitting there, rubbing himself, stroking to the sight of the men that he wants, but can never have. His tail teases his rear while his hand flies along his cock. Attention to feet as well as cocks and everything else. Finish, licking up his cum. Meet Aqila, who helps him out of the palace with clothing she claims is what is worn outside, but is highly revealing. Khalil climbs the wall and leaves, heading into the city in the hour before the sun rises.
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