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Furry Pornographic Aladdin Parody Idea

There are times when I seriously hate my mind. I’m doing my best to get to work on different commission pieces, and it insists on making a new brainstorm on a story that I’ll never have time to write. I love the idea - absolutely freaking love it - but there’s no way that I’ll ever get around to writing it.

Or...will I?

I’m posting this here as both a donation drive and something of an auction. Those of you that want to see this story can pledge donations to it; if it reaches a certain point, then I’ll write the story with the other commissions that I have to do. If you donate a certain amount, you get to have a place in the story (read through to find out how that works). I won’t take any money until it reaches the right amount for the story to be written.

Alright, everyone clear? Here we go.

Idea Summary: This is a furry, gay relationship, bisexual pornographic re-telling of the Disney Aladdin story. The princess is replaced by a prince; Jafar is an anthro cobra lady; fruit vendors are replaced by lines of sex slaves; you get the idea. The story is a different imagining, of a closeted prince unable to come out, a female advisor seeking power impossible for her gender, and a foreigner on the street reaching for the impossible, love and status in the world. Through sexual adventures, mind control, manipulation, secrets, magic, and determination, everyone attempts to take what they believe they deserve. The question is, who will win?


Khalil: The prince of Agrabah, Khalil is a yellow and green scaled lizard with hips that could almost be called feminine, yet with the grace of a dancer. He has been lined up with countless women from outside the city and wealthy women within it. Many have been attractive, and all have had their advantages, but he has dismissed them all, much to the confusion of his father, the Sultan. Unknown to the Sultan, Khalil does not have any attraction to women, and hides a great attraction to men. Wishing for nothing more than to be true to himself, to escape his prison, he is close to breaking.

Mus’ad: A visitor from a foreign land who ran out of money and got stuck in the city, Mus’ad is a dragon that has little left to him but his clothes on his back and his body to sell. A prostitute that has avoided the street gangs that press the homeless into slavery, the dragon has turned many tricks in his life, and has learned to be honest with himself about what he does and what he is. With little shame left to him, he’s been drifting, taking what he can, living on what’s left. He once had a companion, but they left after they had the money to find a way out of the city. Now, he’s been drifting, surviving, waiting for the chance to actually LIVE again.

Saif: The Sultan of Agrabah, Saif has ruled the city for years, ever since taking over for his father decades ago. Under his rule, the guards have been tripled, and they wander the streets in an attempt to keep order with the chaos, and keep the trash off of the streets. He is advised constantly by his cobra vizier, Aqila, and attended by her servant Mahdi. There are times when he disappears for hours, if not days from the palace, and when he comes back, he seems a little confused as to why people are missing him. The lizard, however, is still a strong fighter, and though a little gray scaled, still able to swing a sword with the best of his guards.

Aqila: An anthro cobra female from deep in the desert, Aqila arrived in Agrabah some time ago, barely more than a teen, and installed herself in Saif’s court when she was still barely 14. From there, she rose rapidly, until by the age of 19, she was advising the Sultan directly. The tan and black scaled snake is almost constantly at his side, her body on near total display through diaphanous cloth, and her forked tongue is near always whispering in the Sultan’s ear. Following her is both a smell of musk and her servant, an imp of an anthro parrot named Mahdi. She directs him in service to the Sultan, but he answers to her. Her eyes are sharp, and her actions sharper; she is well liked by both the prince and the Sultan, though for vastly different reasons.

Mahdi: An anthro parrot that arrived when Aqila did. Slightly younger than her, he serves her every whim, though often loudly and disrespectfully when there is no one to hear him. Most are under the opinion that he is little but a strong idiot she keeps around for his strength, but most don’t realize just how smart and cunning he is, particularly after working with his mistress for so long. The parrot often labors for the Sultan’s chores, but he is just as often out of the palace, carrying out his mistress’s wishes behind the scenes.

Ziyad: Deep in the Cave of Wonders lies a treasure, a treasure greater than any gold or any weapon in the vaults of kings. With the treasure within, one could possess it all with but a word to the right ear, and that ear belongs to Ziyad, the genie. A panting slut of a creature, Ziyad is one of the most powerful creatures in existence, but he is powerless against himself. A curse laid on the power of all genies since the beginning of time, he may not use any of his vast powers unless properly released...and only by another, rather than by himself. He has long been lost to the world, and is desperate for release, both from his prison...and other ways.

Jabir: One of the many creatures that were locked within the Cave of Wonders for reasons unknown, Jabir is an incubus of the air, a creature of wind and passion and lust as hot as the desert sands. Long ago, he was a servant of a warrior, bound to do as he was told, and flew the warrior from place to place, as well as into battle. Now, he is reduced to a prisoner within a cave, waiting for someone new to tempt, someone new to have for himself, despite knowing that he will become a servant to the next person to reach him in the cave, a term in his imprisonment he cannot avoid.

Those are the characters that will be the primary ones in the story. Later, I’ll be posting specific scenes in the story, scenes that will serve as chapters of this particular parody. There will be events that cover the story from the movie, starting around where Sir Snooty on his white horse goes storming off from the prince’s quarters, all the way to the end of the movie where the two will be together and fly off into the moonlight. And it WILL be porny. Romantic, too, but porny as hell.

There will be at least three scenes where people can try and get themselves into the story. There will be an orgy scene with Aqila with her personal guards, where people will have the chance to be with a female. There will be a scene in prison where Mus’ad will be molested and used by other people there, sex with a male dragon. And there will be a scene where Aqila is handing the prince over to other guards, and the prince will be either a cunt-boi or a full male, depending on how the cobra feels, for sex with that lizard. Besides that, there will be quite a few other sex scenes between the characters above, so you don’t need to go that far, to donate/bid that much to get sex scenes to read.

As for price, I want to wait and see if you’re interested before I actually go any further. I’ll wait for a few days, see if there is interest, and then will post again if you guys are interested. By then I’ll have a scene plan to show you as well, so you’ll see what you can expect if this works out.

Hope to see some interest here.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
Interesting concept.
5 years, 7 months ago
Good interesting, or polite but bad interesting?
5 years, 7 months ago
The good type of interesting concept.  It seems to fit in fairly well with an ancient middle-eastern theme.
5 years, 7 months ago
Thanks. I wanted to offer a parody that wasn't completely ridiculous, wasn't ALL sex ALL the time, but still sounded a little erotic. I also wanted it to just be interesting on its own as a story as well. I'm glad it seems to get that from the characters and summary.
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