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Family gone, Back to Art

My relatives from down south have come and gone and what a disaster it was. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be good and, what do you know, it wasn't. So first off, my relatives were supposed to come in on Monday of last week. Monday passed and they didn't show up, Tuesday passed and they didn't show up, same with Wednesday and all the way to the weekend. They decided to stay about 30 miles with some of my other relatives who don't really get along with my family (very old, bitter drama). When they finally show up on the weekend, they just drop in to drop off my 90 year old grandmother (they took her with them for some reason) so that they and my mom can go party it up at the bars. She's getting up in her age and kept thinking I was one of my older brothers and would ramble on a lot.

When they finally come back, I am greeted and that's it. That's all the more family interaction I get. I waited a week at the house, putting up with my middle brother's constant ranting and obsessing over drama and being able to do almost nothing productive and certainly not art. What a big waste of time that they got me on the hook for. Oh, but it gets better.

Apparently, my relatives went around to my sister's house and visited. Behind her back, they said some awfully insulting and rude things about her and her upcoming baptism of her two children. Eventually she found out about it and a big fight erupted between them and my relatives true holier-than-thou bitch attitudes were revealed and family relations crumbled.

Now I see why my dad was getting oddly angry two weeks ago. Turns out he knows them better than me and was stressing out knowing the drama bomb would go off once they came.

So that's how last week went for me. I would have just been better staying over at Professor Awesome's house doing up some new artwork and some new DD comic pages which is what I'll be doing this week despite having a late start. I'm starting off by trying to finish drawing a single-character scene I left only partially sketched when I left Professor Awesome's house at the beginning of last week. It's proving to be a bit of a bastard in drawing in all the details. I hoped to get to inking and coloring it today but I'm progressing slower than expected. I do have plans on making a new DD page, a commission, and maybe picking out another scene or two from my brainstorming notebook.

There is some good news that came out of last week. I managed to get a hold of an original copy of an old computer game I've been dying to play since I first played the demo 15 years ago. It's Bungie's first game, and an RTS one at that, Myth: The Fallen Lords. It's a pretty tough strategy game with a surprising amount of blood and gore, especially when dwarves throw their explosives that then accidentally ricochet off the head of a zombie coming right back at the dwarf and then explodes, sending bloody dwarf chunks everywhere (true and unfortunate story). Lol, it's a lot tougher than I remember but it will be a good challenge to play.

That's it for this journal. Hopefully I'll have some new art to show by the end of the week.
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