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Special update for the Writers - And Radioactive Rating is Gone

We just released a special update that adds a whole lot of fixes and some major improvements to the Story/Writing module.

We also got rid of the "Radioactive" rating. More on that below.

Story Module Updates

You can now include a preview or the full text of your stories that actually appears right in the Submission page. It is a separate scrolling box that lets users read through the story text before deciding to click the Download link.

You can include a sample of your writing to entice them to download and read the original, or put the whole story up so they can read it all right there in the page.

The disadvantage is that formatting is limited. You can only add formatting that is possuble through using our BBCode tags. You will always be able to make it look more pretty in the original Word or RTF file.

But this way you can at least give your readers the option of seeing the story without having to leave Inkbunny or save/download files.

The story text box is automatically filled from your story text. You can then edit it in any way you like.

NOTE: Due to technical limitations, we cannot autoload text from RTF files at this stage.  We will fix this soon and will let you know when autofill from RTF is working. This really only means one small extra step: You will have to copy/paste into the Story box from your original file when you upload it.

EXTRA NOTE: You can SEARCH story content from the Search page. O M G.

Radioactive Rating Gone

The "Radioactive" rating was causing too much trouble. It is too difficult to define what is "extreme" in such a diverse fandom. We all have different ideas.

The purpose of the Radioactive rating is solved by the Keyword Blocking feature that we already have.

All images that were rated Radioactive are now rated with the equivalent Adult rating tags.

If you had Blocked Keywords that only worked on the Radioactive rating, those entries are now gone.

Other Changes

Other updates for this version include:

- Text files now download when you click "Download", instead of them just showing as a slab of crap in the browser.

- Submissions now show in order in your gallery based on when you first set them Public. This means if you upload a submission and leave it private for days, it will jump to the top of your gallery when you set it public the first time.

- Moderators: Sort order and username search is preserved when changing to advanced mode in Artist view.

- New quick "Edit" links for Description and Story on the Submission page for owners.

- Links at top of userpage a little bit bigger and more consistent.

- Pools listing (previous and next image in pool indicator) on submission page won't show blocked or private submissions now.

- Added "users active this hour" to stats page.

- Footer got a nice tidy up.

- Can now start a private message from link on Submission page.

- Comments inside brackets like [ hello ] were getting mistaken for BBCode when being sent in emails or in message summaries.

- More super secret security fixes.

Launch day is getting reeeeal close now, I promise. :3

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Added: 12 years, 1 month ago
Site News Item: yes
12 years, 1 month ago
Radioactive Rating Gone

This is probably for the best. We don' wanna be raided by the NEA or IAEA!
12 years, 1 month ago
12 years, 1 month ago
I like the way that the site now displays the body of a text file in browser.
Built and uploaded a test PDF to see how the sales side of things work.
Sent you a note with a few observations that I hope will be helpful.
12 years, 1 month ago
I just texted you like a dumbass about this announcement. ^_^; Sorry for bothering you. x.x;
12 years, 1 month ago
Hmm maybe we should enable deleting of comments for 10 minutes too, just like we allow edit. :3
12 years, 1 month ago
It's not that. I sorta informed him via PM here and on FA as well. ^_^; But he had already seen this waaaaay before I did. :p
12 years, 1 month ago
It's all good!
Thank you for thinking of me when you heard about this and taking the time to make sure I was aware of it.
12 years, 1 month ago
Not a problem! ^_^
12 years, 1 month ago
Yeah, it seemed like the Radioactive rating was being used mostly for cubs instead of really extreme art.  I get that cubs "might be offensive to a lot of people," but with keyword blocking, I don't think they should be given that rating.

Though, I think it's somewhat important to expand the keyword blocking to allow combinations of keywords.  I know I suggested this some time ago and I'm assuming it's in the works.  I have a story I'm working on (that I have mentioned in journals a few times) that would definitely warrant a Radioactive rating, in my opinion.  (It's definitely getting both checks for the Adult rating, at least.)
12 years, 1 month ago
Keyword combos are much harder to do due to the amount of CPU they consume when running searches. But we're working on a way to make it fast before we can add the feature.
12 years, 1 month ago
Really?  That's a bummer.  Maybe I'll just have to make a "cub_rape" keyword that people can then block. ^_^;
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