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CrossPlatform IM Options?

You know what really rubs my fur the wrong way, services that give you an extra option, have there for years, and magically whisk it away at some point for some arbitrary bullshit reason.  And I only picked-up or stayed-with that service or product because of this added option back when they were desperate to keep customers like me.  

Having said that, I am still on the hunt for a better IM service that will connect to other service much like how ICQ and AIM used to and how MSM did with Yahoo before they kicked Yahoo to the curb in favour of Skype.. and really I would probably do the same thing; I hate Yahoo!

However I have lost quiet a few contacts because so many people went over to the hive of scum and villainy that is Yahoo and with MSM and Yahoo no longer talking to each other (probably because Yahoo was up set that they were ripped off by MS before they could do it to MS themselves).  And ICQ is no longer letting you add new AIM contacts, but at least they are letting me keep my old contacts, which really bloody confusing since AOL OWNS ICQ...  You would think AOL would want their AIM and ICQ customers interacting more instead of separating them with a pit made of honey badgers.

To that end I am looking for a IM service that is cross platform, that I can add contacts from from other services so all I have to do I log into that and I am set.  I don't want to have several billion accounts to talk to every one.  As it is, I have 3;  I used to have two, and those two worked great for years, and it was wonderful because between those two, I had contacts from the 4 major IM groups (at the time);  MSM, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo.

Why can't these companies figure this out... Its like as if Mac's and PCs decided the on-line universe was not big enough for them and one got the World Wide Web and the other took the Internet...  These people interact with each other and it has not come to (much) bloodshed so surely IM users of various services won't be pulling out the rusty pitchforks and donning armour made of old mother boards.

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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago

Also, Pidgin. :3
5 years, 11 months ago
Miranda, Pidgin, and Trillian all let you add MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo with one program.  I prefer Trillian 4.2 build 29 instead of the new one.  The new one is Nagware and will endlessly nag you to buy it.

They are not exactly cross platform, but since all IMs are in one program, it may as well be.
5 years, 11 months ago
Yeah, I use Pidgin already..   that's the client.. I am looking for a service.

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