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Xbox One - Intelligent Discussion

I don't intend to waste my or your time flaming the new Xbox One as seems to be the fad right now. Hell, I never even bought an Xbox 360 so the One is a huge step up from my old Xbox...Xbox. I've had a PS3 for years, so I did some unbiased research into the X1 to see if they can sell to me.

There are a few minor issues I'd like to see addressed before I ever commit to buy one based on the press release. For example - "Xbox One gets to know you. It learns what you like and what you don't." Doing some deeper digging I found that one of the features this applies to is the ability to watch TV through the console. It eventually learns what shows you frequent, what you don't like and starts to tailor your TV setup to your desires.


What if you have one of the TV systems, such as Xfinity / Comcast which requires the use of a decoder converter box to receive all the channels you pay for. In this instance, the only channel the Xbox one would ever know you watch is the default channel 3 input to the Xfinity box. This small glitch would make one of the huge claims of wonder a complete waste.

The only way this would be possible to bypass (at least on Microsoft's side) is that this feature only works with Microsoft's "TV" network. Remember seeing that offered when you set up Windows Media Center? Yeah, I never ever click there either. Browsed it once, saw nothing interesting.

I'd like to see Microsoft address issues like this before I commit to a second mortgage for a Complete Entertainment Console.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
My views on the Xbox One (sorta): https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=84484
6 years ago
The Xbox One has HDMI in and out with the presumption your comcast decoder/converter box has HDMI outputs. The Xbox then utilizes an IR blaster to act like your TV remote to control said comcast box to change channels, thus allowing the Xbox One to act like your DVR.

Of course, this is a duplicated functionality, as many people already have DVRs provided by their cable company.

What I find most fascinating in all this is that both the new Xbox and the PS4 are glorified PCs running SoC AMD x64 compatible processors and directx compatible video decoders. At least one of them, the Xbox One, is actually going to come with a modified version of Windows 8 pre-installed.

Suffice to say, the PC has won the console wars...I'm ashamed I didn't see this coming until a year ago.
6 years ago
I pretty much called that a year ago in a discussion with a friend. The consoles simply can't keep up in the race when a PC can be built to phenomenal specs and updated to keep current a few dozen times while all the console makers do is design new cases for the latest big game.

My current PC was built by me and has two HDMI outputs as well as the ability to decode Xfinity / Comcast (an available feature to all subscribers). Looking at the specs of it, it's clear that my current PC does everything the X1 does except play the games they have - which I don't want. Or Win8, which I also don't want.

*shrugs* I'll very likely not bother with another console. I'll install a new BlueRay burner on my PC, hook it up to the 60" as my third monitor (LIFE SIZE GAMING!!) and enjoy it all. We've got 3 PS2s, a PS3 & an Xbox. They'll all eventually make fine door stops.
6 years ago
What I find interesting is just how far they went with putting a PC on a chip for the PS4 and XBox1.

Right now most PCs are fast enough to emulate a gamecube game or older. But to run a PS3 game is impossible, no PC is fast enough to emulate such a system. As such, games released exclusively for the PS3 cannot be played anywhere else. But with the new consoles, emulation is not needed: they can be run natively on existing AMD PC hardware. As such, exclusives may no longer be exclusive after the hackers are done with the latest consoles.
6 years ago
It was bound to happen. PC technology has made huge leaps in processor speeds, multiple cores, multi-chip support & graphic cards. The console creators spend so long on upgrading one system that the PC tech was bound to catch up and eventually surpass it.
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