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Sale Comms Queue and 2 important notes

This entry is only going to be news, good for if you commissioned me or were thinking about it.

I know I can be long-winded but bear with me, I am still pretty dang new and still refining my policies. You can of course skip to the queue if you want ;P but I wanted to clarify a couple of touchy subjects about my wills/won'ts. There's no serious issue right now, so don't worry or anything!

- My policy on cub applies to NSFW commissions! I have no problem drawing kids or cubs in general, just not as a fetish, please! It's really a personal preference and has to do with my own comfort levels. I haven't had any problems with this but I wanted to make it clear in case I gave the wrong idea.

- I have the same policy on GSM (gender/sexual minority) characters. Since making my Jellybats accounts and joining PPM I have taken some GSM requests and commissions. However, I didn't realize that 'herm', trans*, or even just sexual prefs are often fetishized. I'm new to the porn and furry communities so I'm still learning stuff like this! Whatever rustles your jimmies is fine with me, but when I draw this stuff I'm going to treat them like more than their gender/sexual ID/prefs.
I will only take commissions that I believe are in good taste on this subject. As for requests, especially on PPM, I'll take them but I will treat these characters as people/beings rather than just fetishes. Again, this isn't about judging the requests I get at all, just making clear what you can expect when you request this kind of thing from me! Thank you for understanding. <3

If you are unsure about your request, you can always double check with me about anything. I will not get angry or judge you (unless you are being very rude!), I will just let you know if I can or cannot do it and that will be that!

Without further ado, here's the queue~!

☆to be started  ☆in progress  ☆finished

01. Lavabat [FA] • PAID - Cel Shade (5)
02. SebAlopex [FA] • PAID - Flats and Sketch
03. Peafie [FA] • PAID - Flats (2)
04. faction87 [FA] • PAID - Cel Shade
05. SenGrisane • PAID - Flats
06. Zinzoline • PAID - Flats (2)
07. Jackalopion • PAID - Cel Shade and Sketch (3)
08. acetheunclean [FA] • PAID - Cel Shade
09. Captain-Tokoro [TU] • PAID - Flats
10. PocketPaws • PAID - Sketch
11. rabidharlequin [FA] • PAID - Cel Shade

- Paid comms take priority
- Full price/prior comm queue will be worked on simultaneously
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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