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TMI Tuesday - Redd Brushtail

Time to ask whatever you want of that American fox in my Swiss Mix stories, Redd Brushtail.

We first met Redd as one of four handsome and rather well-hung male servants that Lord Karl's wife, Lady Helga, used to cuckold her husband, after she found out that Karl had impregnated his twelve year old maid, Miss Cheri, and allowed her to bear their illegitimate child, Marie, while Helga was pregnant with Karl's first legitimate son, Hans. After two years of wearing a chastity belt but allowing the four males to cuckold her husband by repeatedly use her mouth and her ass, Lady Helga returned to her husband - and then dominated Karl and forced him to engage in various sex acts with all four males, even though Karl considered himself to be straight. This made Redd the first male who Karl ever had sex with. Later, Karl actually sought to hire Redd as his own chauffeur, intending to have the male fox serve him sexually, and hoping to involve Redd in three-ways with Karl's insatiable vixen maid, Karla Andersson. When Karla got pregnant, and admitted she didn't know if Redd or Karl was the father, Redd gallantly married her - even though he knew that Karla loved their Master, Lord Karl, and would continue to mate frequently with Karl. Now a willing cuckold many times over, Redd seems to have no complaints.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Yummy how about a pin up of you
5 years, 10 months ago
As you wish. Here's a picture that was taken of me on a visit to a nude beach in California.

5 years, 10 months ago
Can we play just the tip with a pony hole
5 years, 10 months ago
What was your life before you met Lady Helga?
5 years, 10 months ago
Well, let's see. I grew up in central California, in the good ol' US of A. In San Francisco, to be precise. That was an interesting place to be a kid, back in the '70's and 80's. Very laid back, permissive attitudes. I was a pretty normal kid, I guess. Got reasonable grades, mostly stayed out of trouble.

In the Summer of '84 I popped the cherry of a slender little vixen that I met one weekend while out bike riding. We were both 13, and both virgins, and she was in heat. Less than an hour after we met, we did it under a bush right there in Golden Gate Park. Man, her dad sure was pissed! I hadn't brought any condoms - hadn't thought I'd 'get lucky' - and she was still messy when she got home. Fortunately for me, she didn't 'catch', and her dad just threatened to castrate me if he caught me with his daughter ever again.
I didn't dare look at any girl my whole Freshman year in high school. Hung out with the guys, and tried out for the track team. And then near the end of that school year, a guy on track team said he'd noticed I didn't seem interested in girls, and he wondered if I was gay, like he was. Before I could answer, he kissed me, and... I didn't even try to resist. He invited me to an all-guys party that weekend. I went, and that night I came to the conclusion that while girls were okay, I liked guys better, especially being the 'bottom' role and receiving anal sex or sucking other guys off. So before I turned fifteen, I knew I was at least bi, and really more gay than bi, and I liked being submissive. My parents were pretty cool about it when I let them know. Hey, it was San Francisco, right? I embraced the gay lifestyle, and started dressing like a subbie femboy.

In the summer of 1988 I was eighteen, but could pass for 21 and had fake ID, so I had been cruising the gay bars. That was when I met Bobbie. He was a mixed breed dog, mostly collie. He was a year older than me, and already attending UC Berkeley. He was very pretty, and a good kisser, and after a few dances he took me home to meet his lover, 'Master James'. They lived in the hills near Berkeley - real swanky neighborhood. Seems I'd I found me a sugar daddy, if I was willing to be subbie to Master James like Bobbie was. Master James said I could live with him and his son, if I would submit to him. His son? Yeah, Bobbie was a subbie slut puppy to his own old man. That was my first taste of incest as a lifestyle. The sex was hot and the home was better than anything I could afford, and rent free! I moved in with them.

Went to UC Berkeley with Bobbie for the next two years, and in '91 I got an associate's degree in comparative theology. Not that I wanted to be a preacher or anything, but I was curious about why people believed what they believed. I was into all sorts of eastern mysticism. Learned several foreign languages, and found I picked up language skills pretty easily. When I graduated, I got an itch to go on a personal pilgrimage through Tibet and see the monasteries. Master James gave me the plane tickets and a loaded debit card as a farewell gift.

In July of '91 I met Lady Helga von Alpenstock and her head guide, Reudi Struder, and hired on with her experienced mountaineers so I could learn more about the mountains and their people. My knowledge of languages and cultures and my skill as a driver made up for my lack of climbing experience, and I soon learned the mountaineering skills.
5 years, 10 months ago
Hi there Mr. Brushtail, maybe you saw the business proposal I made to your wife a few weeks back.  If not, I have provided a link to it, since I have a tendency to forget important details at times.

Let me paraphrase myself and hopefully make this a bit better presented, since I was thinking of some other things at that time.

You have years of experience as a chauffeur and as a mountain climber, as well as a background in linguistics.  Your wife has made a career out of working as a maid and has a pilot's license.  I made a suggestion to your wife about the two of you running a mountain resort, perhaps in the Alps or even in the United States, perhaps someplace in Utah, or elsewhere in the Rocky Mountains.  
Utah would make for a good place, somewhere not far from Salt Lake City (which has an international airport).  It offers the opportunity to interface with Hans' household, being just a few hours away from Pouncefield.  This way you could be independent of the von Bernerholdts while still being in their service.
Utah also advertises having the "best snow on Earth".  I doubt that's far from the truth.

Your wife could handle flying clients to and from the resort and running the resort's staff while you could provide, or arrange, ground transportation for clients; train guides or run expeditions yourself; train translators... stuff like that.

The hardest part about doing this will be your wife, period.  I understand why she is like how she is, and if you two decide to follow through with something like this, it will test your marriage.

Hopefully this gives you something to consider- something that you can do with your children-in-law, and hopefully a kit or kits of your own.
5 years, 10 months ago
(OOC: A lot of what Redd says here actually comes from the next chapter of Swiss Mix, CH 461)

Redd listened carefully, and then replied, "Well, that certainly is an interesting idea. I do like the snow country, and running a mountain resort would be a lot less dangerous than being a mountain guide, especially as I get older. However, I'm afraid you've hit the nail squarely on the head in saying that Karla herself would be the biggest barrier to such a plan. I took a fair amount of psychology courses in college. Understanding how a person's mind works, and especially how it can malfunction, is pretty important for most people who are contemplating theological studies. I didn't quite realize just how unbalanced Karla was until after I married her. But since then I've observed her quite closely. Her current situation makes her... mostly stable, and definitely happy. But she is definitely not fully rational. She has an extreme codependent personality disorder."

"My wife has... severe self esteem issues," Redd stated. "Her mom died in childbirth, and she blamed herself for that loss to her father and her brothers. She felt pretty worthless, although her father and brothers were not intentionally mistreating her. When... well, when she first found that men valued her for her sexual capabilities, she linked her sense of self worth to her ability to perform sexually and to her relationship with the male that was her first sexual partner. Being codependent means a person latches on to someone else as the primary means of validating their own self worth. It means making the perceived relationship more important to you than you are to yourself. Karla got pregnant when she was still very much a minor, and she was taken forcibly from her first mate and put in a reform school, and on top of that, she lost the baby. It almost drove her mad with grief and self-pity. When Master Karl got her out of the reform school, trained her as a maid and became her lover, she latched on to him. Nothing in her life - not her kids, not me, not even her own life itself, is more important to her than pleasing the male that she has focused her devotion on. And that male is Master Karl, not me. I've discussed this privately with Master Karl before, and neither of us knows how to break her free from that mind set."

"Frankly, I think that if Lord Karl had known her mindset when he found her at age sixteen, he would not have trained Karla as one of his maids. But what is done is done. The question is, can it be undone? Karla 'lost' her master once already, when she got pregnant with Taylor, and tried to move to Germany and have their illegitimate child secretly. Lord Karl set her up with a new job, as an airline stewardess on short commuter flights, so she could return home each evening. He paid for a wet nurse and day care, and she honestly tried to make a go of it, and to start a new life. But once Taylor was old enough to be accepted in a boarding school that served orphaned kids and children of parents who for one reason or another couldn't raise their own kids, Karla couldn't stand the separation any longer. She pleaded with Lord Karl to take her back, and he relented. Since then, she has become more and more desperate to remain in his favor. She was appalled that Taylor started mating with a stallion on her porn films. And yet she now has mated with one herself, to demonstrate that she can do anything for her master that Taylor can do. She's even convinced herself that she loved doing it."

"Any time we have been offered other employment, Karla has shut down and refused to budge. She even refused a position working in America for Master Hans. So how can we get her the therapy she needs to make her see that her thinking needs to be adjusted? As soon as she thinks the intent is to take her away from Karl, she refuses to cooperate. Karl and I are trying to figure out a way to get her that help. Until then, we humor her."
5 years, 10 months ago
Maybe the only way for Karla to move on is if Lord Karl pisses her off - I don't mean just upset her like he did with his punishment of her for deceiving Hans, but something that would cause her to fight him.  
I doubt it would work, but it's the only way I can think of that would make her "break up" with Lord Karl.
Again, I doubt it would work because it would likely backfire.  It could cost your marriage.  It might cause issues with Catherine, Jon and Jodi; it may cause issues with Taylor, but Taylor isn't nearly as much concern as Karla, Catherine, Jon and Jodi would be.

Now that I think of it, maybe Karla could be introduced to Darkpaw Studios, or some other similar studio and work on the side as a real life MILF.

It might take something drastic for her to be "weaned away" from Karl, but hopefully it can be a gradual change.  I hope it's a gradual change; it's better for all.

//The spoiler alert was appreciated, although I feel it was unneeded, at least in part.
5 years, 10 months ago
Hummm. Karla working as a porn actress? That idea has some merit, actually. If nothing else, it might dilute her fixation on Karl my making her see that lots of people value her sexual capabilities.

If getting Karla the help she needs costs me my marriage to her, then so be it. I married her as an impulsive, gallant gesture to protect her reputation and to prevent Lord Karl from having a reason to send her away again. If I claimed the baby was mine, there would be no scandal - as long as it wasn't born with tricolored fur and looking like Lord Karl was clearly its father. That part was the real crap shoot in marrying her. I've grown rather fond of Karla in the nearly six years that we've been married. I have no doubt that I love her more than Lord Karl has ever loved Lady Helga. But I didn't marry her because we loved each other. An end to our marriage would mostly be a problem for Catherine, Jan and Jodi.

Whatever we do, I would not want to risk harming the kids. I don't think Karla would hurt them directly, even if she went completely off the deep end. She's too fixated on herself, and would only harm the kids if she perceived the kids themselves as being a barrier between herself and Lord Karl. And even then, she couldn't harm them because they are her precious Master's kids (or grand kids, in the twin's case). That's why she couldn't just give Taylor up for adoption, or have her or any of her other kids aborted. They are a part of her Master, in her mind.
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