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Another Eulogy

Death does not make appointments. It abides by no schedule, And never checks in with secretaries. It will not wait for an open day, and does not take weekends off.

So shortly after my more-of-a-brother-to-me-then-my-brother cousin bit it, a rather good friend passed away yesterday. Closest person by proximity to have died now (Same house), Tom was a pretty awesome dude. He had a seemingly endless pool of wisdom and patience to draw from. Though I am not a member of the Pagan coven most of my house was in, He was a (perhaps the most) reveared member of that coven, serving as it's High Priest.

I'm not as.. sad or mournful as my rl-peers. Or my mates Johnny-Dog and Alynna are. I was not as close as them, And Tom was an old man with many many experiences. He lived a life that was very very full, and had the spiritual power to reach the afterlife he sought.

Nonetheless, I will miss Tom greatly, he had been an.. anchoring structure in my life for well over 8 years.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
*huggles gently and pets softly*
5 years, 10 months ago
It's hard for me to try to comment right now.  It's like when you're not the one going through it, that telling someone you have sympathy for them is empty even if you do mean it.  I too had felt the sting of death coming by the neighborhood in quick succession as well.  It was rough for me and my family, as it was an aunt and then an uncle that died a couple months apart.  It sucks.  It feels that the world is against you when maybe you've just recovered or at the point to be able to handle life with the pain that it slams into you and tears your heart again.  The pain and lost causes you to be angry and sad.  Then at some points, those two emotions get churned into a mass that make you volatile to where you don't know if it would be better to curse, scream, kick someone, or hide away from the world to get away from it.

It must be pretty painful for you right now, even if he wasn't as close as the other two that have passed.  We haven't talked with each other before, I don't think and if we did it was on F-list once, but I hope my advice will be taken in consideration.  Make sure you take care of yourself.  I'm sure you're capable and will make sure to do day to day things and carry on with work.  What I mean more specifically, which I've neglected myself at times when I've felt depressed, is to make sure you do take time to do things that are fun and relaxing.  You need breaks to get your mind off of things just a little, so it isn't constantly wearing down on you or at least be able to handle it with your mind fresh.

I'm sorry if I seem to try to say you are like me, it isn't.  Just right now and from I have viewed other people, I felt I needed to word it like I needed to.  Because even if everyone doesn't have a hard time as me with dealing with those emotions, with loss everyone had to deal with anger, sadness, or both in some form or another.  I bring up the point of taking care of yourself, because with grieving, it seems that people may feel that to have respect for those who died, they can't do anything that elevates mood.  I believe that if they were really caring for you, they would understand you miss them but not wanting for you to do nothing happy again because they aren't around anymore.  You wouldn't believe how much help a game of cards or bowling would help you through a rough time like that, or just hanging out or talking with friends.  I remember those times well too, partly because before I was devastated over someone being gone and then somehow got to a point where I missed them but I was able to take enjoyment in something.

I feel that this is too personal on my part, yet feel that deleting it would be wrong.  In all honesty, I hope this gives you some insight that can help you through this rough patch of your life.  If not, maybe help you show if you want to talk about loss or depression, perhaps I could be understanding enough to talk about with.  Or kill five minutes, reading this, as you wait for a movie to start. Otherwise, I hope you the best and that when you think about those who are gone, that you'll treasure them for all the memories that they left you with.
5 years, 10 months ago
Took me awhile to get around to reading this. The size intimidated me, eehehe.

But... Yeah. I do need to remember myself. It isn't too easy ^^ But I do find little spots.

Thank you very much for sharing yourself, even if I don't have much constructive to reply with.
5 years, 10 months ago
My condolences buddy
5 years, 10 months ago
Hey mate, it's Lich from your old Aurorium days, if you remember me. I heard about the news from Marko last night when I visited him. You have my condolences and please pass them on to the other members of your household.
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