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Commissions OPEN! Come get them!

Alright, everyone commissions are open! As I said before, there will be five commission slots available. 2 were claimed on SoFurry, but since I want to keep commissions going, let's bring that back up to 5 over here. First come, first serve.

Rules are simple. Place a comment to claim your slot, THEN note me just what kind of story that you want. I want to see a comment before I see anything in my note bin. Anything that goes into notes first and then comes here will be ignored this time.

In addition, there are the discount stories I mentioned in the last journal. Now, these don't count towards the five slots. I'll take up to 8 of these, and one of those were taken already, so there's seven slots left. The characters and kinks you can pick from for these are listed below:


-Draconicon: A black anthro dragon, standing seven feet tall with leathery wings and white eyes without iris or pupil. A powerful magic user that prefers his privacy, though he has occasionally snared a traveler for his own fun, and been a teacher to some starting magic users. Most have been suitably...grateful, while others needed a little persuasion to give him the 'payment' he was due. Very strong, but not by any means all powerful, as the tables have been switched on him. Rarely, but it has occasionally happened. (Mind Control, Foot Fetish, Musk, Cum Milking)

-Salla: Pirate, Crime Lord, Interdimensional Mischief Maker; this mouse wears many titles and many descriptions, and is seldom more happy than when he is turning another person's world upside down. Standing barely five feet tall, he doesn't present a threatening figure, but he's full of tricks. However, to his friends, he's quite willing to let them win, if he's feeling like he needs a change of pace, and would like being at the bottom instead of the top for a while. (Body Control, Cock Growth, Exhibitionism, Detachable Genitals)

-Satres: Hailing from a monastery far away, Satres is a raven and a powerful monk, well versed in the arts of fighting hand to hand. He tends to be highly modest, and is not well acquainted with the arts of sex, or of pleasure in any sort. It will take some effort to get him out of his shell, but so long as it comes with either leads towards the demons he fights, or a new skill that might allow him to stand up against the corruption of demons, he is willing to try it. Tends to go barefoot everywhere, for reasons of his own. (Foot Fetish, New to Sex, Chastity, Corruption)

-Alex: An ever shifting chameleon, Alex is blessed and cursed with the ability to sense and cause emotions in those around him. As an enhanced empath, he can cause happiness, sadness, fear, hope...and lust...in anyone around him. He's usually something of a vigilante hero during most days, a little shy. Has a costume because he doesn't want his secret identity to be found out, even if he can kind of blast the knowledge out of someone's head if he really needs to with his powers. (Spontaneous Orgasm, Heat/Rut, Public Sex, Superhero)

-Olag: Rough and ready, this polar bear is eager to fight, drink, and fuck. With the blood of the north in his veins and more than a bit of berserker heritage, he's the roughest of the men in the group, and does not like to wait for his fun. It takes an extremely strong – physically and mentally – person to make him submit, or resist submitting to him. Not that many do for long; he does not take no for an answer, and many have wondered how they still enjoyed what they went through, despite how rough he is. (Musk, Muscles/Worship, Breeding/Impregnation, Rape)

-Vassk: An alien that has only recently arrived on earth, Vassk generally looks like a six foot tall komodo dragon anthro, but is in reality a shapeshifter that can take on quite a few different forms, from something the size of plankton to a blue whale. It must be living, but other than that he can fit in many forms. He's still learning the niceties of earth and its customs, and is rough and blunt with his behavior. Though he's stranded due to a crashed ship, he has lots of 'toys' to play with, if he can get anyone around to enjoy them with him. Of course...he doesn't always ask. (Body Control, Transformation, Bondage, Toys)

-Roger: A speedster rabbit, Roger runs around the world looking for fun and wonder. He's kind of innocent, very excitable...and always trying to get people to buy him coffee. He goes nuts for the stuff. Most people only see him as a pink furred blur that goes by, but if you get him to stop, you'll see that he's just dressed in a white jockstrap and nothing else. Happy, hyper, and bouncy, he's always eager for some fun with anyone that can spare the time. (multiple orgasms, power bottom, foot fetish, small cock)


-Vera: A black bear anthro with an appreciation for the fun things in life, and a dismissal of the finer things. She doesn't want a fancy restaurant; she wants a good burger joint. She doesn't want diamonds; she wants a trip to watch a fight or sports. And she doesn't want simple lovemaking; she wants a good, hard, frantic fuck. This bear is kind, but tough, and wants both men and women in her bed. But if you're a guy, you better be packing; she doesn't like little dicks. (Loose/Gaping holes, Gangbang, Size Humiliation, Public Fuck)

-Nimana: Deep in the wild lands lives the quiet Nimana, a peregrine falcon anthro who tends to the plants and the wildlife. A druid of the D&D sort, she has great control over the plants and animals, and tends to enjoy being with them more than with other people. Very authoritative to the few two leggers that come into her domains, she will occasionally grant favors to those that ask them of her, but only if there's a payment for them. (Sex Rituals, Milking, Ferals, Tentacles)

-Tatyana: Whether in her base under the Urals or hidden away in her island hideaway, this Russian tigress is always busy making new inventions and machines. Most of them are never shown to the real world, kept hidden, but when they do come out, things change. Fast. The tigress is quite attached to machines, preferring them to most living people, though she'll occasionally try something different to shake things up. She'll even give people inventions...if they help her test them first. (Machine Sex, Macro, Experimental Sex, Bondage)

-Vicki: Surrounded by the magic of her seven tails, Vicki the kitsune is an accomplished archaeologist, searching the world for different artifacts and ancient societies. However, despite her magic, she cannot do everything for herself, and must have the funds to finance her digs. This affectionate kitsune will do whatever it takes to expand her knowledge, whether that means illusions to steal, or playful flirting to get attention...or even more if needed. (Group Sex, Prostitution, Magic, Heat)

-Greta: From the snowy north comes the rock and rolling metal guitarist Greta, a white wolf with a flair for the dramatic, fun, and daring. She loves to try all sorts of stunts, and is a definite daredevil. She's also quite the show-off, as she never wears anything other than fishnet stockings, leaving everything...and that means everything...on display, including her piercings through clit and nipples. She's got a little magic in her guitar, and is kind of like a bard, though far more for metal and rock and roll than the classics. (Exhibitionism, Sex while Skydiving/diving/etc., Titjobs, Squirting/Bukkake)

-Maria: If there's a kitchen nearby, you can likely find this hippo there. Maria, the Grand Grillmaster, the Baroness of Barbeque, and simply the mistress of the kitchen; this chubby hippo lady has worked with pirates, nobility, and everything in between, and nobody has gone away hungry. Stuffed to the max, perhaps, and with a few changes from eating some different foods, but never hungry. She's no-nonsense in the kitchen, joking outside, and a lady needing some fun. Kind of a BBW hippo girl. (Food Play, Weight Gain, Lactation, Face-Sitting)

Angelo's Characters (Yes, a bonus set of characters, with my mate's blessing)

-Angelo: Sticking to the shadows, this curvy raccoon ninja male is sneaky and strong, yet has a very strong subby side, a slut that's just begging to come out at the slightest provocation. With a large, jiggling butt that's the only thing that slowing him down, he's eager to prove himself, and almost as eager to bend over and be used. (Spanking, Transformation, Pet Play, Foot Fetish)

-Echo: Devoted to nature just like his teacher Nimana, Echo is a bat learning how to be a druid. He's got a little bit of magic, though not nearly as much as her. However, more of his strength is connected to manipulating plants, and bringing life, rather than the offensive style that his teacher does. However, due to being more connected to life, he's also a good bit more lusty, and wants to spread his seed as far and as often as possible. (Deep/Sloppy Oral, Sex While Flying, Ear Play, Tentacles)

-Seven: An android in the vague shape of a feline, Seven is in the service of the pirate lord Salla. However, he's also a free agent, able to leave the ship and learn about different places and people. He has several different personality chips, each one giving him a different focus and personality. One of these is that of a slut, and another is a dom. There are many others; what will you get? (Machine Sex, Detachable Genitals, Poseable Sex Doll, Insatiable Sex Drive)

-Amsu: An ancient god coming back to life, Amsu the Naga is looking for followers. Possessed of great power and massive libido, he is capable of dealing with anyone and leaving them satisfied, and yet still ready for more at the same time. Serpentine below the waist and all man above it, he has the power to satisfy anybody that comes into his coils, or looks into his hypnotic eyes. (Coiling, Hypnosis, BIG cock(s), Sounding)

-Lillith: A skunk succubus that also happens to be in the bad graces of her more powerful father, Lillith lives on earth, mostly subsisting on the extra sexual energy coming off of the people she lives with. After all, sex gods, wizards of perversion, and ninjas that can't get enough up their ass, there's plenty for her to live on. But sometimes, that's just not enough. This succubus needs some more fun, and with her power to take on different forms to match the desires of her prey, she's going to get it. (Life draining (non lethal), Transformation, Magic, Multiple Orgasms)

That's it. Come claim your stories!
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