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Tablet Woes - Replacement Ordered!

Hey guys, it's GlenSkunk here, with a bit of tablet news - specifically, I think my tablet may be on its way out, to judge by some of its rather odd behavior lately. It may be because the power cord is getting a bit ratty and actually pulling away from the tablet body slightly itself (partly due to the rubber around that connection being pretty much broken now due to all the bending it's had to do). It's been giving me some worrying behavior - holding on to pressure longer than it should, clicks that were never made, or somethings not responding.

So I have begun to wonder if it might not be a bad time to look into getting a new tablet. I've heard some great things about Intuos, of course, but they're on the upper end of the price scale to my view, even if they do offer some really nice features. I've also heard some interesting things about Huion or similar - low end price, high end quality, or so they say. Much as I'd like, I will not be looking into a Cintiq at present due to how much gaming I do on my computer, not to mention how expensive the darn tablet is.

I thought I'd ask you guys out there if you have any thoughts on a good or great quality tablet at a reasonable price - the tablet I've been using for the last few years has been a widescreen format VisTablet, worked quite well too, up until recently.

This may have an impact on commission work too, of course, so if I wind up taking longer than expected on your commission, please bear with me! Just need to get things sorted out and a new tablet selected, based on your recommendations and reviews...

UPDATE: Well, I went ahead and bought a Monoprice tablet - total cost INCLUDING shipping was only $51, and considering all the good reviews I heard about it, seemed like a reasonable risk to take! I have heard that it can be inconsistent in operating with Paint Tool Sai though, so I may need to do some wrangling to get the two to cooperate with each other. Thanks for those who offered some advice though! ^_^ With any luck I'll be back to doing art on my compy when the tablet arrives tomorrow or Wednesday!
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
It truly depends...

If you're looking for a small Intuos 4, Amazon has them at a marked down price of about $130 (from $225+).
I also have heard stellar things about Monoprice's tablets, and the price point on them isn't bad, either, at under $50.

I had never heard of Huion, but looking at them, they seem to be okay.
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