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Let's play Daggerfall, episode 3

Episode 3, "You feel a need to hunt the innocent."

Sorry about the cheesy stuff in the intro. You guys deserve something more awesome, but I re-did that part about seven times. Apparently I'm going to keep going ^_^ Thanks a bunch, guys. Didn't think anyone would be interested enough to contact me and ask me to continue, much less give me gift art! Thanks Scuttles! ^_^ I did say I was hoping for more interaction, but really just knowing there's a few people willing to come out of hiding to get me to continue is more than enough to keep me going. You'll get no more of those journals from me. Now, onto the new episode..

Recovering from the latest case of "crasherfall", Karnarath the Tormentor reaches the chamber of the most notorious necromancer in Tamriel. Creepy necromancer accepts creepy princess's terms, and Karnarath heads back to Wayrest to tell her the good news. So the letter ">=( that.. never... arrived..." is in the hands of the orc warlord, hmm? That'll be fun, won't it? Once that business is concluded, it's time to go werewolf hunting!

"Yeah, shoot me with your werewolf venom! Dig those claws in real deep! Oh yeah that's the stuff! Open me up and shoot that venom in, YES! YES! Y--ok, that's enough, I'm about to die."

After getting a healthy dose of werewolf venom, Karnarath makes a LOOOONG journey to the other end of High-Rock, where he discovers his new gifts of swiftness, durability, and bulging muscles. HELL YES! ^_^ After taking a quick test-drive of his alternate form, Karnarath makes his way back to Daggerfall. Along the way, he discovers that his usual rations lack that certain something he can only get from a live meal, particularly a live, screaming meal, so after taking a quick detour for a helpless snack, He returns to Daggerfall to find a Hircine worshiper who's about to be set for fucking life!

Unfortunately, I wasn't also able to find a wereboar, but I did look up a pic of one. Surprisingly sexy, yesh? Found quite a good number of werewolves, but no wereboars. That's ok, though. Werewolves are what we wanted to find. ^_^ Usually takes me about half an hour of reloading till I'm infected, but got lucky this time, and only took two tries for infection.

I believe werewolves and wereboars get slightly different stat gains. I think the werewolf gets more on speed or agility than the boar does and the boar gets more strength or endurance. Not sure though, but speed and agility are awesome, so a werewolf was an excellent choice, and strength and endurance are already near maxed out now anyway.

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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
Aaaaaaand I'm reminded that I had forgotten to download the Daggerfall LP videos earlier today. I should do this now. Thanks for the reminder, Inkbunny Notice Notification System!
5 years, 11 months ago
Hehe do love notices. *snugs*
5 years, 11 months ago
A wonderful episode as always! =3
That werewolf form was very attractive~
I can't wait to see how hercine looks like!
If him being lord of the werewolves is any indication I'd say he must be smoking hot! ^w^
5 years, 11 months ago
It's been awhile, but from what I can remember, he's not too bad, but I think I was more attracted to his pet.
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