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Fairy Tale Meme

Fairy Tale meme stolen from Gray

Rules: Just make up any answer to the questions! :P
Question: "You have been knighted by the King, what title do you choose?"
Answer: Lord Akaitora Franz Peterson, Keeper of the Youngest Princess.
Question: "The town is in an uproar and drags a poor wretch woman to be burned at the stake, what do you do?"
Answer: Bring Mustard.
Question: "Uh-Oh!  An Evil Wizard has summoned a Demon from Hell to terrorize the town!  What do you do?"
Answer: Teleport inside the demon's chest, and start swinging my poleaxe.
Question: "The princess has been captured by a terrible dragon and held prisoner in a nearby keep! The king wants you to rescue her!  What do you do?"
Answer: If it's the youngest princess, this would not happen. If it was the elder sister, I would stay behind to prevent further harm to the kingdom, and send my brother to do the job.
Question: "You are off to slay the dragon and rescue the princess!  What weapons and armor do you bring?"
Answer: My Poleaxe, and my travelling cloak.
Question: "You approach the dragons keep and now stand before the dragon!  What do you do?"
Answer: Try diplomacy first "You have ten seconds to return her highness to my keeping, or a fate worse than death awaits you. Ten. Nine. Eight."
Question: "After a long battle with the great dragon, how do you slay the great beast?"
Answer: ripping his torso open, starting between his balls, and making my way to his neck.
Question: "The dragon is defeated, the princess rescued and the king overjoyed!  How are you rewarded?"
Answer: I am not.
Question: "How does this fairy tale end for you?"
Answer: I go back to my job of protecting milady Luna, someone else get's the girl, and I die alone.
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