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Clarification on Twitter Events

Guys, I need to clear up the stuff that happened on Twitter the other day.

I was reading through different tweets on Twitter. I was reading tweets about furry couples and groups living together and being snuggly and cuddly, or how a furry was going over to another furry for a visit. Seeing that my financial situation has not truly improved in a while, I have not been able to afford to go to any cons since MFM or drive to go visit my big brother PJ and his family in Roswell since Memorial Weekend. I started feeling lonely and empty and hurt inside.

After more casual scanning, I saw a tweet from a friend who posted "I'm a furry and I hate" stuff. A moment later, a friend of this posted something too. At that moment, my mind snapped. I thought about all the negative things that I've heard ever since I became a furry, some things that were directed at me, and some things that I've heard in general but still affected me negatively. So, that's when I replied to their tweets with "I'm a furry and I hate hate." All of the things I listed as the three strikes were the things I've heard over the years.

By the time I was done, I honestly felt hurt deeply inside. I was shaking after I posted the third strike. But then, I saw the support from 15 furries and a couple of non-furries, as well as the musical pick-me-up.

If you thought the negative comments came from the people on Twitter, they did not. I'm very sorry that I have misdirected you. I have a hard time trying to explain things in words, especially after being flustered. But believe it or not, ever since I started school, I've been a victim of bullying, prejustice, and discrimination.

Honestly, I wasn't looking for a pity party. I needed to vent.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I know how it feels Hun it's good to vent sometimes -hugs-
6 years ago
It's okay to vent Kenny. What they said was inexcusable to me. >.>
6 years ago
*hugs you tight*
6 years ago
hugs , well i think whats most important is to be who you are and like what you like regardless of what others thinks. im a furry and my friends knows it as my wallpaper on phone is all furry stuff, some hated it and all but still i told them thats what i am and who i am....so cheer up, you are just being yourself.
6 years ago
I hope this cleared things up with people effected. And I hope you feel better after venting. =3 [hug]
6 years ago
No worries *Gives you a really big balloon* :3
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