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Two Topics today!

- Wreck-It Ralph. Simply put, be you a fan of gaming or not, you'd not go wrong seeing this movie. Gamers will likely get many of the hidden gags and shout-out/references in the film, but non-gamers will be just as charmed by the stunningly good story and characters. The dynamic between Ralph and his counterpart, Vanellope, is enormously rewarding and is tested to its limits during the course of the film.

And Ralph is a genuinely likeable anti-hero. He's a nice guy deep down with the crummy responsibility that everyone has to hate him so that Fix-It Felix can be the hero. It's damn good and NOT a waste of your money, no matter when you see it.

- Movember.

Look, I'll be frank. I think this idea of only growing a mustache in November for prostate cancer is incongruous at best and is self-serving at worst. What's the point? You only do it in November...because...why? No other months seem good? Why not January? Then you could name it MANUARY and feel even more like a caveman-socialite who's trying to draw attention to himself.

Raising money's all well and good...but...you could do it other months out of the year. I know full well that not everyone deserves this scathing accusation (some of my best friends do this and it kind of just...weirds me out with them), but the point is that you don't get to draw attention to yourself based off of charity work. That's not you being a good person, that's you just donating money and ensuring everyone pays attention to you.

I *SAW* people being smug about the fact that THEY'RE growing a mustache for CHARITY, as if my beard that I keep trimmed and decent looking all year round suddenly has less meaning because I don't. It's smug, it's arrogant, and it's against the whole point.

Be a good person YEAR ROUND. Do kind things, donate every month...or at least, be kind and courteous. People remember that far more than some dumbshit mustache you grew to make everyone stare at you like you're a teenager preening his fauxtee for the ladies in the lunchroom.

Look, I'm probably upsetting someone and probably being upset myself for little reason...but it goes against my values to say that it's okay to be a nice person *part of the time* and only raise money for something *once a year*. If you intend to do things like that, do it all the time. Go whole hog. Only doing it like that is just being a douchebag.

<puts his head in his hands> I know I'm being mean. I know it. But this just upsets me for too many reasons.

Don't do good things because people are watching.

Don't do good things because it's the cool thing to do.

Do good things because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO.

If you raise money because you know it helps and your mustache-growth is just the price you pay or the reason to do it?...I can be okay with that.

So. Ready for Mecember, Manuary, Mebruary...Mmarch?
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
For the record:  I'm totally planning on getting Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-Ray when it comes out.
6 years, 3 months ago
That one and "Pitch Perfect" are going in my Netflix DVD queue. :-)

Speaking of things going on in November: why not try writing a novel?
6 years, 3 months ago
Watched it, and I agree: Vanellope was annoying as hell, but they drew attention to that fact and didn't just let it go, and later she more or less redeemed herself in my eyes. Was a great world, great concept, and a great set of characters. Definitely worth watching.

As for Movember...I had no idea that's why people did the no-shaving thing. I thought it was just a thing, like Talk Like a Pirate Day. Either way, I agree with your assessment of the kind of thinking that goes into it. I tend to donate to things when I'm able, which is pretty frequently, and I pretty much never tell anyone (present example excluded). Bragging about donating, I guess, is okay as long as you donate, but it's still kind of a douchey thing to do. And I still don't get why you do the weird no-shaving thing. Why not just donate? *Shrugs.*
6 years, 3 months ago
See, I guess it's down to perspective, but...I dunno. I just feel like there's something inherently...pompous about Movember, especially if you already HAVE a mustache/goatee/beard like I do. I saw people around the office flaunt their lipfuzz and practically demand attention.

Maybe I'm a bit sensitive, but good god, does it have to be THAT bad and THAT much?
6 years, 3 months ago
Yeah. Anything that promotes bragging like that is pompous, by definition. Add to that a real-world issue, and it just magnifies it that much more.
6 years, 3 months ago
Yeah, I had no idea either that Movember was supposed to be for charity. I noticed lots of people on Imgur doing it, but never any mention of prostate cancer. Maybe they didn't know either. I don't know whether this was a failure of getting the message out, or if people just wanted to do it anyway and slapped a worthy cause on it.

Either way, we certainly don't need prostate cancer being whored out ad nauseum like breast cancer. Donation drives are fine, but if I start seeing prostate walks and brown-lidded Yoplait, I'mma throw up.
6 years, 3 months ago
I *guess* it's for charity, but I think it might actually NOT be. I know of a good friend at work who did it for charity, but I'm not sure that Movember isn't just for being derptastic about mustaches and thinking "I'll grow one this month to show my manliness", then you see people go for the whole handlebar thing and...ugh.

I saw pictures of it on the monthly newsletter and just wanted to give up on BizDev entirely for being stocked with retards.
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