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I hate summer

It's way too hot... damn, why must people insist on going outside...and dragging me along with them!? D=

I ran out of internet access, too, so... fffffffff*~! While I should have spent my spare time over the past couple of day drawing and stuff, while I wait for the next billing period to tick over, it has been way too hot to focus on drawing anything. =(

So, instead I ended up playing some Minecraft... a little Dwarf Fortress, that may have caused my brain to go into nuclear meltdown after not playing it for ages and forgetting what to do... x_x

And catching up on season 4 of the Clone Wars... which reminded me of season 5... and that thing I heard about Disney... now that I just got my internet back, I just had to poke my head out from under this rock and find out what was going on... it must be the hot weather, frying my brains... ugh, summer. >_<

I can't seem to remember what else I was going to say, but getting back to season 5 of Clone Wars; from those previews and stuff it looks awesome, and a good deal more serious than the first four seasons... it also seems that YouTube commenters are blissfully unaware that the Clone Wars episodes have not always been in chronological order...

and Disney making the next 3 Star Wars films... wow. Maybe the heat here really has fried my brain?

Only, I'm sure I didn't imagine that sketch in the newspaper of Darth Vader kneeling before The Mouse... O.o

Anyway, it IS almost 2:30 in the morning so I need to get some sleep. Just felt like sharing my thoughts... funny; I don't seem to stay up quite this late when I am without internet...
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Aww I'm sorry. :(
Hugs? <(^w^)>
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