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Furry Fandom vs Normal Society At Large

Ok. I watched the doc "Plushies and Furries" on Youtube. Curious as to if this was the doc that made the fandom foam at the mouth at the start of the decade, I asked a friend of mine and he confirmed it. He also told me that Yote, the fur who was interviewed for the doc, was thrown out and banned from all cons for the remainder of his life because of it. The same happened when a fur and her boyfriend talked about fursuit sex on a Tyra Banks show on sexual fetishes. My question is "Why?" Why were these people, fellow furs, thrown out because they talked about the fandom? Its not their fault that the sex crazed media went straight for the negative. So why is a lot of people in the fandom treating these individuals as if they dropped the A-bomb?

The Furry Fandom, our fandom, is something of a mystery to normal society. Hell ask an everyday normal person if they know about furries, and they will look at you as if you have lobsters crawling out of your ears. Even a doc that was featured on Animal Planet referred the Furry Fandom as a secret society. In the early part of the decade, fellow furs like Yote tried to shed some light on the fandom so normal society would know more about us. But thanks to the media and the "sex sells" way of thinking, their words were warped and twisted around. And what did these fellow members receive? They were thrown out of the fandom they loved so much, and were forever banned from going to any con. They weren't responsible, so why burn them at the stake?!

Why does the fandom refuse to let normal society know about who we are? I believe the main reason why we have so much slander and rumors about us is that we hide in the shadows like roaches! If a group hides from the outside world and refuses the outside world form knowing how it functions, then the outside world will only see that group as strange and likely bad. Hell the Templars were burned at the stake because they kept so secret! I believe its high time for us to stop hiding. Hell normal society has learned to cope with other fandom's odd ways because they opened up, and maybe they will cope with ours if we do the same.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
8 years, 7 months ago
hehe my new boyfriend (which ill tell you about later ;)) asked me what furry was, i told him, gave him pictures of g rated and x rated art, even showed him a fursuit yiff video...and i was surprised because most people are like "wtf"

he said the art was actually pretty hot, lol he said "i dont like the dressing up to fuck...but ide do it for you" lol i dont like fursuit sex but it was a nice change to hear someone who has never known what furry is, to be as accepting as that
8 years, 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure the "banned for cons forever!" is hyperbole; heck, I saw Chew Fox (who was on the Tyra Banks Show) at FWA this year. Wearing an "I crashed FA and got banned for it" t-shirt, I might add (Dragoneer was also present).

It's actually relatively hard to get banned from most conventions without meaning to - though as we've seen recently, not impossible.
8 years, 7 months ago
The fur Yote who was interviewed for "Plushies and Furries" is still banned from cons last time I checked.  He didn't know that the director was only making the documentary for sexual purposes, yet the fandom blamed the bad rep on him.
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