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Just and Update and a Rant

It seems to be one thing after the other, first major amounts of other work (convention work) that was pulling me away from my comics and writing. Then a heavy hit of depression from one of the family cats passing away, and when I think I'm able to start working on stuff again I get sick and stuck in bed for what feels like FOREVER.

Little by little when I am well enough to make it down to my computer I have been working on the next comic page, it's coming along slow but at least it's coming along x.x I am so sorry for the wait on that.

As for writing, because of my laptop I can use in bed I haven been able to do that a little more often than drawing, (though not much because I've still mostly been sleeping / resting to try and get better) I actually have more chapters of those done, but starting with book 5 of Raven Wolf I've been having a friend of mine go over my work to edit my spelling and grammar mistakes so that it's easier for you guys to read, and he's kind of been out of town due to work the last few days. He has a laptop, but that laptop doesn't have Microsoft word on it so he's been unable to edit the chapters in the manner that he would like =( He should be home this weekend though so hopefully you will see some more chapters for Raven Wolf coming soon.

And that's really it =( sorry I don't have more for you, I've mostly been taking it easy and staying in bed... and boy do the days ever drag on when you are stuck in bed for such a long time x.x

To help pass the time when I'm not sleeping or attempting to work on something I have been playing Pokemon Black 2, have not gotten very far (I'm around the 5th gym) I've mostly been pissing around in that game <.< as pokemon musicals and movies seem a lot more fun when your sick and on maybe a little bit slightly loopy from your meds. There's just something oddly entertaining about naming a Jolteon "Teddy" putting a fedora and a neck tie on him and forcing him to dance in a musical.

Aside from wasting my time on that I also managed to watch four episodes of that new Ninja Turtle series to come out... and being a rather big turtles fan since forever I have to say... I have very mixed feelings about this show.

Real update done... the rest is just a Nick Ninja Turtles rant from me so feel free to skip it if you like.

There are just things about about it that really erk me. The little changes to the story and / or the characters personalities really bug me, I know the story tends to change from series to series and have gotten used to but the changes in character, that's what I'm having a really hard time with.

Raph's is not so bad, he's a little more tame than he was in the last series, but closer to his comic form than he was in the original series. Mikey has gone from adorably annoying to just fricking annoying and well... extremely dumb. Annoying never equalled = dumb for his character before, sure he felt immature and kiddish but that's what was great about his character, but it just doesn't come off as that in this series, again though Mikey's character a pretty fine line to walk to get right, so perhaps with working more with his character he will improve. Leo and Donnie's characters though... I think I dislike the changes too them the most. Leo is no longer has that confident borderline bossy older brother leader type attitude, that's been changed to a more a hero wanna be mentality who looks up to leaders on TV instead of being the responsible leader. While Donny had gone from smart, dependable and the unspoken 'second in command' to... urrggg... lets just say every time I watch him turn around and run away in a fight or get attacked with his own weapon I just want to stop watching...

The biggest issue personality wise though, is that they no longer feel like a family anymore... which was the main reason me and my siblings loved that show so much when we were kids. (Me and my siblings were a family of four, they're a family of four, it was perfect, mom would even call us by our fav turtles names -I was Donnie in case you were wondering-) they just kind of feel like... a group of friends hanging out now, that chemistry just isn't there, and that's really disappointing.

The lines too I'm gonna try and not get into, some are hit and miss, but with this series when they miss they REALLY DO MISS.

Aside from the character changes, the animation is just... I can hardly stand it. I knew that it was gonna be an issue when it was announced to be 'computer animated' I just don't like made for TV computer animations, they just look bad and DO NOT age well. Computer animation, poorly choreographed fight scenes and horrendous character models for anyone that might have the unfortunate luck of being a human character aside though, it's the batman sound effects, flat comic book explosion effects and over use of anime expresions that are really getting to me. I'm not one of those 'keep anime and cartoons separate' people either, they're fine when done right and can add a nice mix and or feel to the series... WHEN DONE RIGHT, and to me.. just look odd when they're in a computer animation that is already convoluted with needless comic book effects, the two style just are not mixing for me, and instead feel like they're clashing.

There are still some funny and cute moments though, but this is not going to be a buy it on DVD and rewatch it again and again an again!!! series for me... this will me a watch once and probably never watch again series... kind of like TMNT Fast Forward... now that was a sad turn around for what was before a really great version of the series.

In all honestly though, nicks rendition of the turtles can't be as bad as what Bay is going to do to them...

And now I go back to resting and trying to get better.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
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