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So... first non-pimping, non-obligatory journal lol. here goes:

So I've realized recently that i am a huge vore fanatic... i have no idea why! Its not just one type of vore specifically, its ALL THE VORES... well most of them anyways. The only one i really hate is hard vore... yes the kind where there is blood and guts everywhere? not into it at all... Also not a huge fan of anal vore.. eww!  BUT the rest of them, i am a fanatic of it. Even when i was a kid i would get fascinated over it... and i didnt even know what it was called back then. For some odd reason though, my main one that i love is soul vore...

What is soul vore, you ask? For those of you who dont know, its pretty self-explanatory... Soul Vore, the devouring of ones soul. You see it in Mortal Kombat (Shang Tsung). For some reason it really is not only a dark fantasy, its a fascination. Maybe its part of my dark side, my fursona Kainus (or Kain, for short)(which really is based on my spirit guide). He is part demon after all. But who knows?!?

Now you have the other vores that are fine in their own way... like cock vore (because the idea of turning someone into cum is somehow erotic). I view soft vore as a romantic, intimate fantasy (provided the one being eaten is not digested). I was about to go on a spiel explaining the two perspectives of a vore fantasy, instead let me paraphrase. Its intimate, shows the ultimate form of trust and loyalty, and its erotic to top it off! 'Nuff Said!

So thats my journal, my first ever on Inkbunny (What better place to talk about vore than here? XD) I hope you enjoyed.... >_>

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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
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